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1. 5th Krug
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5th Krug Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 1500
» 5th Krug

The Krug command squad led by colonel Ruffius, constantly guarded by his faithful ogryn body guard. The Krug regiment has two commissar. Lord commissar Daniel Sidor, who is known for executing the former leader of the fifth regiment, colonel Aigar and Commissar Anna Petronia, the only female in the whole regiment.

In the command squad there is also the scout sergeant Derrek holding his sniper rifle. He is a former ranger and best tracker of his regiment.
» Army Details

Krug used to be a mining world with abundant resources. Krug governor made a deal with the Imperium, so that he had to pay tithes in resources only. Since then not a single inhabitant of Krug was forced to join the Imperial Guard. However, when their resources got depleted and there was no more use for Krug miners, Imperium recruited a massive army of inexperienced recruits. Fifth regiment was deployed in hurry and took great loses against World Eaters regiment. They recovered however and serve the Emperor ever since.

As the Krug Used to be miners, their speciality is combat in confined environment and mountains. They are mainly light infantry regiment with very little mechanized support and few tanks. Which have little to no use in their natural environment.
» History/Fluff

Krug has little to none veteran soldiers. Their veteran squads consist of former PDF soldiers, who fought the Dark Eldar on their home planet. During that crisis they learned a mobile fight and for that reason they were trained as drop squads. This is the Charlie veteran squad led by sergeant Patrick Gwenck. The most famous trooper of this squad is Draco, who volunteered to serve in the guard, long before the recruitment of the Krug and was decorated with a medal for taking down a necron monolith with a meltagun. Ever since, he uses that weapon only.
» Modelling and Conversion Information

Krug rough riders are former tribesmen, who were recruited by force into the Guard. They used to be nomads, who hunted on wolves. Equipped with energetic lances and their natural ferocity, they make much more formidable opponent, than an average Krug.
» Vehicles

The fifth regiment is one of the most armored among the Krug. They have unusual artillery support and even one Leman Russ, which was assigned to them after a Cadian armored regiment took too many loses and had to be scattered.
It came with an experimented crew and provides the fifth a heavy support whenever needed. Usually over long distances.

The fifth regiment is also known for its use of sentinels which they acquired after their first action on a industrial world, where they had to do guard duty and benefited from the local sentinel production.
» Inventory
Here is the (incomplete) list of models in the army:
1 Company commander
2 Platoon commander
1 Primaris Psyker
6 Sergeants
1 Astropath
1 Master of Ordonance
1 Master of Fleet
1 Nork Deddog
1 Lord Commissar
1 Banner
1 Medic

52 Lasguns
7 Meltas
7 Plasmas
9 Grenade launchers
8 Flamers
5 Vox
2 snipers
3 Heavy bolters
3 Autocanons
1 Mortar
1 Missile launcher
1 Lascanon
1 Commissar

Fast Attack:
10 Rough Riders
1 Scout Sentinel-lascanon
2 Armored Sentinel-Plasma canon.
1 Valkyrie

1 Stormtrooper Sergeant
4 Stormtrooper lasgun
2 Stormtrooper plasma
2 Stormtrooper melta
1 Marbo

Heavy Support
1 Leman Russ battle tank.
1 Basilisk.
1 Mantichore.
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08/28/2013 06:24
The Netherheim™ army forces salute the Krug 5th, and wish you good luck on your battles!

a nice army, solid background I like it
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