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White Scars Legion project! Space Marines Forge World Horus Heresy 500
» White Scars Legion project!
Well I chose the Scars simply because they are my favourite legion. I also like the idea of jetbike mad loonies and simply outpacing my opponents all over the board.
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When the new FW Horus Heresy book came out me and a group of friends thought it would be cool to do a small project where we each chose a different legion and start building lists for the new system and get together every now and again to fight some battles. Obviously I chose White Scars and we decided to get roughly 500 points painted and based every 6 months (since we did not want to spend huge amount and have interest when other people got books dedicated for their legions. I just thought it would be cool to see how my painting has improved since the cartoony tigers so occassionally I will post something to this wall.
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Like all my armies I do like one particular theme behind the entire army. Being set in the Heresy limits my creative scope but since I wanted the force troops to be filled out by Assault Marines and the only book on the White Scars in the heresy (Brotherhood of the Storm) shows most of them ride jetbikes. I came up with the idea that this particular force, the Brotherhood of Tempest Arising, was known for its fast rapid strike tactics. Also for being rather independant and being able to travel large distances over many days with none of the marines even so much as touch the ground during this period of time.

They use a plethora of Assault Marines since they are great at rapidly responding to any threats to their aircraft and other vehicles from boarding parties. They accompany the main force by mag-locking themselves to the hulls of the brotherhoods aircraft such as the Stormeagles and Avenger Strike Fighter and detach themselves when required. The Brotherhoods Khan Asuryi Shintogaja got this idea after fighting alongside the Night Lords legion for a period of time and saw the same actions being used by them to get to battle.
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  • My first 5 man assault squad for the Scars!
  • Another view of the first Scars
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