Kabal of the shattered throne

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Army Name Race Game System Points
Kabal of the shattered throne Dark eldar Warhammer 40k 1200
» Kabal of the shattered throne
Heamonculas ancient with power weapon, liguidfier gun, web way portal
135 pts

10 hekatrix blood brides with haywire grenades, 1 shardnet, 1 hydra, 1 razor flail; syren with power weapon
200 pts

10 kalabite warriors with splinter cannon, blaster; sybarite with power weapon and phantasm grenade launcher
165 pts
raider with flicker field, splinter racks, and retro fire jets.
80 pts

10 kalabites with dark lance, Sybarite
125 pts

fast attack
5 hellions with heliarch with agoniser
105 pts

heavy support
razorwing jet fighter with 1 neurotoxin missile, 1 shatter field missile, splinter cannon, flicker field, night shield
185 pts

total 1000 pts (exactly)
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The kabal of the shattered throne is my (Cpt.Octavian's) meager dark eldar army.
The color scheme is blue highlights with a hint of purple switching that around on my hellions and witches for a sky devils theme from the codex. The army all started becuase i wanted to do an army around lady arulia malys (crazy eldar lady who hates vect) but did not like the poison tongue color scheme. so my army is really a cobbled together team of any one with a reason to be against vect when the next dark eldar civil war breaks out.
» History/Fluff
My kabal does have one distinct feature that sets it apart is the position in the kalabite warrior squad called the solon. it has no in game rules but it is characterized by purple armor with a blue helmet. My kalabite squads are based around recruitment from the helion gangs and this includes the sybarite recruited from the ranks of the heliarchs. this defining feature leads to much rebellious sentiment and the need for a political officer. the solon takes a dual role of an imperial guard commissar and space marine chaplain.
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