zahndrekh's clearence squad

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1. zahndrekh's clearence squad
Army Name Race Game System Points
zahndrekh's clearence squad necron Warhammer 40k 1500
» zahndrekh's clearence squad
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nemesor zahndrekh = 185
vargard obyron = 160
orikan the diviner = 165

warriors x10 = 130
warriors x10 = 130

deathmarks x5 = 95
lychguard x10 with shields = 440

Fast Attack
scarab swarm x5 =75

Heay Support
doomsday ark = 175

so far this army has been a great sucsess, though it does struggle on capturing a commet down below if there are any problems and if you request one I make and army that suits you
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09/11/2012 15:42
Hi there Philip it's Elliott! I like your list, but in my opinion you need more fast attack. Tomb blades are good for taking the fight to the enemy I'd field them like this:

3 Tomb blades: 60 pts
with: Particle Beamers: 30pts
Nebuloscopes: 15pts
Shield Vanes: 30pts

This brings the total to a mere 135 pts. You can use them to move fast and still fire their S6 blast weapons on infantry units because jetbikes are relentless. It'll really help against units that camp at the back of the board, like Tau. And if it comes to the worst, you only lose the rough equivalent of a squad of warriors! Let me know if you decide to use them or not.

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07/30/2012 16:27
it isnt exactly 1500 but close enough
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