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Iron Warriors 32nd Grand Company Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2203
» Iron Warriors 32nd Grand Company
By the end of M.37, this Grand Company will be stationed above the world of Medrengard, preparing to leave the Eye for wreaking havoc upon the Imperium of Man. By a mere surprise, a lone battle-barge bearing the purple and gold colours of the Emperors Children comes into the sector. One of the Warsmiths in charge of close orbit attention is Desau Barchus. He is a ruthless warlord of Chaos (as said later, uncertain what Chaos dedication he will have). A short message arrive to me saying "We have brought something for you." Even though his orders are specific from his Daemon Primarch; Destroy anything which doesn't bare my blood, he allowes the battle-damaged ship to approach. The newly arrived brothers of another Legions bears with them old power armour as a gift. Taken from slain Iron Warriors, not done by the Emperors Children but greenskinn, and gene-seed of their fallen brethern, most of it useless.

In return the Emperors Children are resupplied as the warband leader Portus Herkur is someone Barchus respects, not a common trait amongst the Chaos Space Marines. A message is sent out to all Traitor Legions, a summoning of the Despoiler. Unknown then, but this would be the start of the 8th Black Crusade. So far I'm uncertain if the 32nd Grand Company will take place in this and how big of a role, but we will see. During the Emperors Childrens stay, Barchus lieutenant and second in command, the aspiring Champion Barouss, former assault captain of the 32nd Grand Company, will challenge the Emperors Children in a stand off of life and death. The Emperors Childrens champion, Virrul Serdar, will kill the aspiring champion and as a price, take twenty of the champions former Astartes with him as they leave Medrengard.

These twenty Astartes are a former mixture of Emperors Children and Nights Lords, and not a bigger loss for Barchus even though his Grand Company isn't so big anymore. Already mixed with units from Worlds Eaters and Death Guard, he has a plane to replenish his stock of Iron Warriors. The Emperors Children leaves Medrengard and Barchus behind them to answer the Despoilers call.
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For more ongoing information, follow this thread, even though the project is now finally over!

And after finding, alltogether spread out, a competing army for around $100, I couldn't resist my urges anymore and began collecting them. Now let's move on to the army section (fluff will come later on):

Daemon Prince with wings and the claws, Mark of Chaos Undivided/Glory. 140
Chaos Lord with power weapon, Mark of Khorne daemon weapon. 140
Typhus - Herald of Nurgle (Special character). 225

1st squad, 5 Terminators, Mark of Khorne. Since I shouldn't add too much of different Chaos Gods. 205
2nd squad, 8 Choosen Chaos Space Marines, no mark. 230.

1st squad, 10 regular CSM Iron Warriors, Mark of Chaos Undivided/Glory. 1 meltagun. 200.
2nd squad, 10 regular CSM Iron Warriors, no Mark. 1 meltagun. 190.
3rd squad, 5 Death Guard Plague Marines, Mark of Nurgle. 1 plasmagun. 160
4th squad, 5 Death Guard Plague Marines, Mark of Nurgle. 1 plasma gun, 1 meltagun. 170.
5th squad, 8 World Eaters Bezerkers, no standardbearer. Will have a Rhino as dedicated transport (Iron Warriors colour scheme though). 198/80.

Heavy Support:
1st squad, 6 Havocs, no Mark. 2 plasmaguns, 1 lascannon and 1 autocannon. 190.
2nd squad, 1 Obliterator Cult, no Mark. 75.
» History/Fluff
As this is more os less a closed down project, no more additions of Iron Warriors will be added. However I have 23-isch Khorne Bezerkers to finish. Half will be World Eaters and the other half will be painted as Night Lords. So I will:
- Finish the Khorne Bezerkers.
- Finish the Night Lords Rhino.
- Complete the information about all 3 CSM-armies.
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