Imperial Rangers (AKA Imperial Guard)

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Tash'var Cadre
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Imperial Rangers (AKA Imperial Guard) Human Warhammer 40k 1525
» Imperial Rangers (AKA Imperial Guard)
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+ HQ +

* Company Command Squad
Medpack, 3x Plasma Guns, Caparapce Armour, Creed
* Chimera
Hunter-killer Missile, Pintle Heavy Stubber

* Primaris Psyker

+ Troops +

* Veteran Squad <--- Going into the Vendetta
Grenadiers, Lascannon, 3x Meltagun
* Veteran Sergeant

* Veteran Squad
Gunnery Sergeant Harker, Missile Launcher, 3x Sniper Rifle

* Veteran Squad
Grenadiers, Lascannon,Sergeant Bastonne
* Chimera
Hunter-killer Missile, Pintle Heavy Stubber

+ Fast Attack +

* Vendetta Gunship Squadron
* Vendetta
Lascannons, Sponson Heavy Bolters

+ Heavy Support +

* Leman Russ Squadron
* Leman Russ
All Bolters, Hunter-killer Missile, Pintle Heavy Stubber
* Leman Russ Exterminator
All bolters, Hunter-killer Missile, Pask, Pintle Heavy Stubber
* Squadron Camo Netting
2x Camo Netting

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