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Having bought 2'500 points from a couple of mates, I expanded my Snakebites army gradually over the course of the last year, adding in a lot more boyz and experimenting with various units and ideas, as well as making some notable conversions such as my Deff Dredds.

Needless to say my Snakebite army is pure infantry, a set-up I used without much success in this January's Throne of Skulls tournament.
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  • The madness continues with Deff Wraith II.
  • Big Mek with Burna.
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02/23/2012 15:31
Me. Just some Bolter pills to wash it down please
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10/26/2011 00:56
Is that a cafeteria tray for movement? That would really help out in the large Apoc games. Who ordered the Green Horde Special with a side of dakka and extra shoota?
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