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Fury of Sanguinius Blood Angels Warhammer 40k 6925
» Fury of Sanguinius
With Mephiston I've decided to edit his stature. By that i mean turn him into a Furioso Librarian, with a frag cannon. Wait and see how it looks! I also put in the Sanguinor, I mean, who wouldn't? Also I've put in Lemartes, to bolster my main Death Company. Oops, spoilers!
» Army Details
I decide to add an allied unit of Grey Knights, not included in the points value. I'm proud of this strike force. Its well good. This is just a plan, i haven't actually bought any of it. When i do, ill upload some images. Until then, hobey ho, lets go.
» History/Fluff
I've put in a unit of 5 Sanguinary Guard to accompany the Sanguinor into battle. I've also got 2 Chaplains with jump packs to add my other Death Company. And to finish of, a ten man Terminator Assault Squad, and 10 Terminators.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
I have a lot of troops. Ive got 4 5 man Assault Squads, 2 10 man Death Company Squads, 1 5 man Death Company Squad, 1 30 man Death Company squad, 5 Death Company Dreadnoughts. And, just for the sake of it, I've put in the immortal warriors of the Legion of the Damned.
» Fast Attack
A few of these, with 3 Stormtalons, a 5 man Vanguard Veteran Squad and 4 Baal Predators, as part of my tank spearhead.
» Heavy Support
This is my tank spearhead and 6 Stormravens. There is 3 Vindicators, 4 Predators and 3 Whirlwinds.
» Allied Forces.
With my allies I decided to add the following:
Captain Lysander
10 Assault Terminators

Captain Skrike
10 Vanguard Veterans

Castellan Crowe
10 Terminators
1 Dreadknight
5 Paladins
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