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The Iron Falcons are a Chapter I created in 1993 when I was posted to 23 Sqn, based at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

The Squadron insignia is an Eagle attacking a Falcon and was the inspiration for the Chapter. Originally called the Steel Eagles, I went through various iterations of metal based birds of prey before finally settling on the Iron Falcons.


The Chapter is based around Techmarines and the search for ancient forbidden knowledge. Although the Chapter was first conceived in 93 it wasn't until 1995 with the release of some nice Techmarine models that I came up with the distinctive leaning that would set my army apart and I have come up with various conversions and idea's over the years since.

Chapter Overview

The Chapter places an almost fanatical importance on keeping all of its wargear in top condition and an even greater zeal for recovering their fallen, be it Marine, Vehicle or Dreadnought. They excel at Urban combat and have developed variants of the Predator and Whirlwind that are better able to traverse the pulverised remains of cities and hab-spires. These same vehicles are also to a lesser degree better equipped for manouvering in dense jungles, though were not specifically designed for that purpose.

They also make prodigious use of air support in the form of the Saracen Gunship and the Griffin Dropship having lost a major portion of their Thunderhawk fleet.

The Iron Falcons have a disproportionately large number of Techmarines compared to other Chapters and where their kind are mistrusted by their fellow Marines in other chapters they are revered as the pinnacle of arcane knowledge and combat doctrine within the ranks of the Falcons. Indeed, each of the Battle Companies 2 through 6 incorporate several special Tactical Squads (Tactek's) comprised of 9 Tech-Adepts led by a Tech-Marine Sergeant. These squads rarely deploy as a whole (unless accompanying one of the Master Techmarines as a bodyguard), rather they are dispersed amongst the regular Tactical squads and always form the crews for Rhino's, Predators, Land Speeders etc.

Created in the early 37th Millenium as a Crusader force the chapter was but one of a large number created as part of the 22nd Founding. The Falcons owe their lineage to the Praetors Of Orpheus, a Second Founding Chapter noted for itís own pre-occupation with technology. The Iron Falcons disappeared from Imperial records in the latter half of M37 as the Chapter pursued an Eldar fleet into the uncharted regions beyond the outer Segmentum Obscurus.

Re-appearing several thousand years later the Iron Falcons re-established contact with the Imperium but they were irrevocably changed. During the long years of enforced exile the Chapter had come very close to total destruction, yet, in the end their ingenuity and will to survive prevailed and they slowly healed themselves and rebuilt their shattered forces.

During the long and arduous journey back to the known Imperium they developed a strategy to train their own Tech-Marines and from that point forth no Tech-Marine from the Iron Falcons has trodden the traditional path to Mars. Whispers of heresy are aimed at the Chapter but the wheels of the administratum turn slowly and the whispers remain just that. The Chapter are responsible for several new developments in their equipment and vehicles - which they jealously guard. They are known battlefield scavengers...a practice frowned upon by their fellow Astartes but they care little for the opinions of others - even those their presumed equal.

I am working on fleshing out the background to the Chapter and hope to have an in-depth description of their history, battle tactics, disposition and beliefs in the next few months
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01/20/2014 14:12
The conversions looks great! It is great to know the history behind a homebrewed chapter, 20 years is quite some time! How about an update and show us some painted minis?
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