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1. Dark Angels
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Dark Angels Space Marine/Human Warhammer 40k 20
» Dark Angels
This army is nearly three years old, and is still expanding. There's a Warhound Titan in it too, but you can't see it in the pictures as it was in the Mechanicus' workshop at the time...
Win/lose ratio is somewhere around 60% in my favour, at the moment - although I've just started playing the Badab War campaign and it's going well, at the moment :-)
Coming up are a Land Raider Achilles, another Terminus in Guardians of the Covenant colours, a Land Raider Ares and a Damocles Rhino. I'm working on a Ravenwing quad-bike, and hoping to get a Ravenwing Battleforce sometime soon, as well.
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This army features a full Deathwing (100 Terminators) plus 1st Company HQs, a small Ravenwing compliment (soon to be added to now that I have Sammael, who's not assembled yet!), a host of vehicles and some IG super-heavy backup.
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  • you can see nearly everything here
  • My kit-bashed Thunderhawk, with escort
  • Most of my vehicles, all together
  • Greenwing
  • 100 Deathwing Terminators
  • Guardians of the Covenant assault squad
  • Deathwing drop pod
  • some more vehicles
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06/29/2012 02:47
100 terminators. Very nice. That is my dream one day maybe soon, if GW ever does a Deathwing squad box again(similar to the wolf guard terminators box) then im on it. Very nice army, i really like the deathwing drop pod.
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