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Zazirian 809th Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 6500
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I am currently working on putting together those units from the Great Horse Company (Mech), which will include 7 Chimeras, 4 Veteran Squads, a Stormtrooper (Scions) Squad, a Psyker Battle Squad (wyrdvane psykers), a Primaris Psyker (or two), a Lord Commissar and Commissar underling, an Armoured Sentinel Squadron and finally a company command squad.

So far, 6 Chimeras are complete, all 4 Veteran squads, and the lord commissar are painted and presentable. The psyker battle squad has 7/5 personnel complete, and the spares can be farmed out as astropaths or stand in for the primaris. Scions are now complete and ready to take the field.

Following the Great Horse Company, I will move on to the Commando Regiment, dressed for warfare in the toxic urban desolation of continental nuclear wasteland. This smaller force will be airborne, thus far two valkyries and a Vulture are complete and painted. Two Vendettas are painted up sans weaponry which is inbound as is a second Vulture. 10 Scions and a Command squad are next up on my painting table.
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The 809th is a Battle Group drawn from the remnants of the Zaziri 705th Light Infantry Bn, the Mananale Great Horse Dragoon Company, the Mordian 103rd, the Zaziri 99th Commando regiment and a Takiri Iron Islands Armoured detachment.

At the moment, the built and displayed models pictured show:
A Coy Command Squad, 2 Platoon Command Squads, 5 Infantry Squads, 3 Special weapons squads (Snipers), 2 Heavy Weapons Squads (Lascannon and Autocannon), a Veteran Squad and an Armoured Sentinel Squadron, all from the 705th.

Also I've included a presentation shot and a photo somehow taken by xenos... apparently some git wiffout flash...

Pictured is also a 103rd Infantry Squad and commissar, a Vulture and a Valkyrie from the Burntworlds Crusade Fleet, a Shadowsword, Manticore, Hellhound, Vanquisher, Hydra, Basilisk and 3 Static Earthshakers from the Iron Islands and a few other nefarious interlopers who somehow infiltrated the combat team's photoshoot.

Someone found some red velvet, and the Lord Commissar and the first two painted Mech Squads appear to have decided to use it for a photo shoot. Squads Lion's Mane, Pangolin and Commissar Breschnevski are a total bunch of posers.

» History/Fluff
Decimated at Samithrace (1,750pts):
Artillery/infantry heavy, Vanquisher, Sentinel Squadron and Vulture
- VS -
Forge Father, Terminator Heavy (15) Land raider, 20 Marines, 2 Rhino, 2 Dreadnaughts

Despite being drawn up in a relatively strong position with mutual support, poor placement of artillery saw the blast templates out of the game by turn 3. The left flank proved unable to withstand the landraider/rhino charge, despite melta, lascannon and Vanquisher fire. The Assault terminator squad of 5 was eventually destroyed following the crash of the landraider into a barricade, but only after it had taken the platoon holding the flank with it. A sweeping force of 10 terminators cleaned up the delaying sniper squads and provided cyclone support to whittle down the platoon for the assault terminators. Although the sentinels briefly tied up the dreadnaughts, they made no lasting damage and were eventually destroyed by return fire. The marine squads tore across the board to disembark and riddle the veteran squad on the right with bolters, after taking only a few casualties from flamer and plasma. The vulture's late arrival from reserve was too little too late and proved to be the only model left on the board by game's end.

Below is a shot of the point where I thought I may have a chance still...

Victory at the Rock (750pts):
Infantry list, CCS, PCS, 2 Inf Squads, Sniper Squad, Autocannon Squad, Vet Squad
- VS -
2 Squads 20 Ork Boyz, Warboss, Nobs

An evenly spread force along either edge of the board, playing Dawn of War, 3 objectives spread diagonally across the board. The orks, typically, decided that their best bet was charging their force at the largest blobs of infantry around, which were the infantry platoon holding the objective on the hill at the left flank, and the CCS with adjacent heavy weapons squad in the centre. The veterans, left mostly unmolested, moved forwards to secure the ork side objective, though took some losses from Ork shooting as they advanced. The other units hunkered down and poured lasfire into the oncoming horde. Despite taking losses, the nob squad crunched into an infantry squad holding the approach to the hill and obliterated them. Their success was short lived, as having blocked the boyz advance they withered in the face of the next round of fire and left the boyz open to more shots. The second squad changed targets to back up the now weakened ork left flank. With some breathing space, the CCS and cannons tried to stave off the inevitable on the left flank, but the two ork boyz and warboss cleared the PCS and snipers away from the objective. Luckily, in the last turn one of the Boyz squads is perforated and wiped out, and the snipers make a sneaky move and run to contest the objective and snatch a victory for the Imperium!

Major defeat on the Rock (750pts)

A CCS, Platoon - PCS and 3 Infantry Squads, Vet Squad with Melta and plas, Hellhound and Sentinel Squadron
- VS -
Warboss on bike, 10 lootas, deff dred, 10 nobs in trukk, 15 Slugga Boyz

A tablequarters annihilation game. The outcome of this battle was much faster and much more decisive than its predecessor. Without the ranged heavy weapons, the guard didn't have the ability to weaken the approaching Orks. The Warboss on his bike evaded all attempts at destruction, wiping out the entire sentinel squadron, speeding down the flank to take the hellhound from behind and on to clean up the CCS and an infantry squad. The veteran squad weathered a hail of fire from the lootas, but the fire kept their heads down so well that they were unable to stop the deff dread as it clawed its way angrily into their strongpoint and tore them to pieces. The nobs had their ride wrecked by the CCS early on, and ended up following the boyz squad down the right flank. Although a flamer hit and several lasguns put a dent into the Boyz, it wasn't enough as their full strength and apparently unkillable nobs with painboy followed them up, ignored a hail of fire and had messy fun tearing everything left on the board limb from limb. The guard went from full strength to obliterated in 3 turns, and despite losing a mob of Boyz the orks showed no sign of slowing down at all throughout the battle.

Victory at Hab Block 9 - Battle Report can be found here:

The rear guard actions abandoning the planet following the Rock and the ahead of the onslaught of the Orks are recorded here:
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Updated Army photos, some new additions but working on the Grey Knights has slowed the addition of new units to a relative crawl.

General Krakistorf, a Cadian exiled for radical support for the 'combined arms' doctrinal philosophy. Posted as Colonel in command of the Zazyrian 809th, he has been impressed by resilience and technological fearlessness displayed by his new command, and despite his fall from grace he plans to rise to glory in Sectorum Obscuris. Despite his confidence, an ominous pair of commissars whose exact purpose and mission is unknown follows the general everywhere he goes...

4/10 Heavy Weapon Squads complete, as will be required for a certain apocalypse formation... sigh. At least there are sufficient infantry squads to make up the other infantry formation!

Techpriests are accepted by Zazyrians, who are punctual with their operator maintenance and reverent in their treatment of the hallowed technology. Servitors are recognised, of course, as the foundation of effective manual labour, and are encouraged as an honoured form of retirement for those guard too damaged to continue their current life of service.

Ever supportive of the technocrats, the Zazyrian 809th has been well furnished with their signature artillery piece, the Manticore. Every operator can recite with pride the catchphrase of these mighty vehicles - "Results may vary"

Whilst spectacular, the Manticore rockets are best employed whilst supported by the Basilisk Earthshaker batteries deployed by the Zazyrians both fixed and mobile. Pictured also with a hydra for rear area air defence. 3 x Earthshaker emplacements not pictured, and I feeeeeel like I want more...

'Simba' 'Mufasa' and 'Shaka' are the first of the Leman Russ Squadrons inbound to the 809th from the recently refurnished forgeworld Ixukris IV, following relief from a Xenos seige spearheaded by the infantry of the 809th.

Often thrown into the heat of the battle and duly honoured for their sacrifices and glories, The Armoured Sentinel Squadron "Hyenas" have been involved in most of the 809ths skirmishes and larger battles.

Veterans of the Savannah conflicts, the Great Horse Company now numbers just their lord commissar leader, four veteran squads and a sanctioned psyker detachment. Rumours of the survival of the 'Ndebele' Stormtroopers still sweep the regiment, and they indeed arrived with a new codex...

Schola Progenerium Commissar Cadets are often sent into battle in support of famous Commissars or reliable forces. The 809th is proud to have two squads of the cadets, kept under the eye of the various regimental commissars...

Their experiences on Ixukris IV demonstrated the value of air-mobile troops during HAZCHEM engagements, and now whether the floor is lava or plasma waste spill, the re-formed 99th commando regiment is ready to reach for the challenge and blast away survivors in a hail of las and plasma, reaching out and touching the Xenos scum with lightning speed. (2/3 Valkyries complete, need to purchase some (3) Vendettas, another Punisher Vulture and more FW HAZCHEM bodies)

Cerberus squadron - only one hellhound of three so far. It's going to get scarier... eventually...

And the lynchpin of the Armoured line, the mighty Shadowsword Senjata holds the line until the next superheavy is sent to support it from the forgeworlds.
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08/19/2015 08:26
I like the three story tower you've displayed on the top image but it's not GW product; what is the source?
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Haskanael's Avatar
04/19/2015 02:14
your army is inspiring
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Blackadder's Avatar
04/01/2015 07:22
Remarkable display, this is something I need to do with my creations because as of now they lack credibility.

They need to be displayed in the proper venue.

I shall be studying your diorama for ideas how to accomplish this; thanks.
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Moriouce's Avatar
07/01/2014 01:50
Realy nice force you're getting here. My hat is off to you!
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GrimzagGorwazza's Avatar
04/17/2014 14:50
Awesome work Iraquiel, i'm not sure how i've never seen these guys before. It's a trully impressive force.
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alphamarine009's Avatar
03/16/2014 07:13
awesome thanks for the post given me a lot of new ideas
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03/01/2014 08:11
Very nice force. I love Shadowswords too. My Stormblade got first place AFV at the 'Targe 12' shows painting comp. One day I will have a full 10 Banebladed Superheavy types.
As for your your photos, the Perry twins gave me the the advice to try to use daylight as much as possible, ie take your toys outside if you can.
By the way, nice touch with the Zulu shields and head dress.
May I suggest you buy a Vulture Gunship....mmmm twin linked Punisher cannons!
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jin's Avatar
02/23/2014 01:16
that is a lot of models, painted to a very high level all.
how long has this collection been in the making?
i have yet to review your grey knights thread, and will do so.
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