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This is my Astral Claws force i took to badab war part 2 on the 26/27th may 2012.

I used the seige vanguard assault army list from imperial armour 10. I was also nominated for best painted army.

Here are a few pics from that weekend.

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06/21/2012 12:51
Thanks Learchus. I have no idea to your question im afraid. The colour scheme i used was from imperial armour 9. I know the Tiger/Astral Claws used to have similar colour schemes of orange with black stripes. Also the Minotaurs now with bronze scheme used to use yellow/red stripes so possibly forge world changed the schemes when they wrote the books, i dont really know.
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06/21/2012 10:22
simply awesome but is this a non-standard livery for astral claws? i thought their colour was yellow wt brown stripes.
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