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Irondrakes Space Marines Warhammer 40k 27500
» Irondrakes
Chapter Master
Vulkan He'stan
Cato Sicarius
Honour Guard
Chief Librarian
Chief Chaplain
Chief Apothocary

Terminator Command Squad
1st Terminator Squad
2nd Terminator Squad
3rd Terminator Squad
4th Terminator Squad
1st Assault Terminator Squad
2nd Assault Terminator Squad
3rd Assault Terminator Squad
4th Assault Terminator Squad
Terminator Librarian
Terminator Chaplain
Terminator Captain

Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider
Land Raider
Land Raider

Land Raider Terminus Ultra
Land Raider Terminus Ultra
Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Master of the Forge
Tank Commander (Chronus)
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The Irondrakes rely on heavy armoured for much of the chapter strengths come from armoured fighting vehicles as such they are well versed in armoured tactics the chapter also prefers to use cleansing fire above all as such most of the chapters infantry squads has at least one melta or flame unit.
The chapter makes use of several unusual variants of vehicles for maximum flexibility on the battlefield.


The Irondrakes were formed during the 8th founding however due to records becoming corrupted their Gene-Seed records were lost however it is believed that the Salamanders Primarch is the Progenitor of this chapter due to the Chapters value of human life heavy use of flame weapons, large arsenals the and the fact most of the battlebrothers are well versed it the art of weapon smithing.

The last record for the chapter indicates that they were on route to a previously unknown sector as part of a crusade fleet however all contact was lost and the chapter believed lost to the warp The Chapter endured however with the exception of three companies that were corrupted by the warp the Irondrakes are firm believers in emperor before Imperium Contact with the Imperium after two Millennia When contact was re-established with the Imperium the High lords of terra sort to exploit the worlds under the Irondrakes control this has caused friction with the Chapter and the High lords of Terra as the Chapter refused to allow the High Lords access to the Raw materials sighting that they belong to the chapter.

The chapter often finds its self at odds with the Inquisition because of the traitor companies who after changing allegiance to Chaos now call themselves the Blooddrakes The chapter has fought with their erstwhile brothers several times without decisive victory Even with these issues the Irondrakes have proven their Loyalty to the Emperor time and time again and are willing to work closely with the Adeptus Mechincus. The Irondrakes have several

objectives: 1: to hold the area at the edge of the Halo Stars
2: to Protect the Imperium from the Unknown threats of the Halo Stars
3: to redeem the brothers lost to the warp and to erase the stain of chaos that it has sprung

Home World

Miranda a tide locked world with one side always in day the other in night it is a Bleak world where in a narrow band of twilight and underground caverns the tribes of the world live. The only safe place on this planet the dayside heat scorched desert can kill a mortal man within a few hours it is on this side of the planet that the Fortress ?chalybs tempestas? home of the Irondrakes exists the forever dark night side of the planet is a frozen waste land and without heat mortals quickly freeze it is this side of the planet the Trial of Ice the first stay of recruitment for the Irondrakes is held


The Irondrakes recruit from the tribes that live on Miranda each Aspirant has to past the Trial of Ice a gruelling walk though the Frozen wasteland of Miranda each Aspirant must learn to survive in that wasteland and arrive at the Tower of Judgment located in the Polar region of the night side each Aspirant will then begin their training most do not survive this selection process but those that do are promoted to the rank of Initiate once that is done the young Initiate well serve in the scout Company while receiving the organs and eventually the Geneseed and the black carapace will be granted to the Initiate open which he becomes a Battlebrother.

The Chapter is organized into nine different companies
1st is Command (chalybs extractum) Iron dragon
2nd is a Battle company (loricatus of contemptio) armour of Contempt
3rd is a Battle company (lacus of spero) tanks of hope
4th is Fire support (mortis ex supremus) Death from above
5th is Fast attack company (divum incendia) Skyfire
6th is heavy armoured (chalybs pugnus) Ironfist
7th is the Scout company (absconditus) hidden

That the God-Emperor will be with them once more to slay the Foul gods of chaos
Death before dishonour the remaining Irondrakes have sworn that if they should start to become corrupted like their erstwhile brothers they would kill themselves to prevent it.

Heraldry and colour Scheme

The main colour scheme is miltirall silver with Snot Green shoulder pads and knees with differing trims for each
1st is miltirall silver
2nd is Shining gold
3rd is Adeptus battle gray
4th is Ultramarine blue
5th is Chaos black
6th is Bleached bone
7th is Scorched brown
The helmet differs per squad and rank
Standard tactical marines have miltirall silver were the sergeants have mithriall with a green strip down the centre,
Assault Marines have blood red helmets were the sergeants have blood red helmets with a green strip down the centre,
Devastator Marines have Boltgun helmets were the sergeants have boltgun helmets with a green strip down the centre,
veterans have a mithriall with a green strip down the centre or blood red helmets with a green strip down the centre depending on which squad type they are the sergeants have Dwarf bronze helmets with a Blood Red or miltirall silver strip down the centre depending on which squad type,
Terminator are done in the same style as above,
Captains have a Shining gold helmet were the Chapter master has a Shining gold helmet with a green strip down the centre.
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