The State Army of Ostermark

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The State Army of Ostermark Empire Warhammer 1000
» The State Army of Ostermark
A renown regiment named after Black Water lake high in the World Edge Mountains where, aiding their Dwarvern allies, they held back a wave after wave of green skins despite overwhelming odds. Outnumbered by the barbaric orcs they held the line for an entire day never taking a step back and, helped by the single-minded ferocity of the warrior priest Eckhardt Augenstein, slaughtered hundreds of the onrushing savages. Their bravery and mettle allowed the dwarf Runesmith Krazek Groth time to muster a devastating counter charge deep into the flanks of the green horde and break the spine of the orc army. With his remaining troops fleeing the field the orc warlord and his bodyguard of huge black orcs were cut down by the combined might of the Blackwater Regiment and Krazek Groth's Hammerer's temporarily ending the threat of a green skin invasion of the empire.

Nowadays the regiment is one of the few kept at full numbers and recruits are proud to be inducted into their ranks. They are known for holding their ground even in the direst circumstances and are usually found at the forefront of the fighting anchoring the battle lines. They are also regularly joined in battle by the descendants of the Augenstein blood line, the current warrior priest is Eckhardt Augenstein IV.

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This is my Empire army that I'm building at the moment. My progress can be tracked in my plog and I'll be adding to them as part of the 2012 army painting challenge as well.

At the moment I have painted;

Captain - Battle Standard Bearer
10 Spearmen
5 Outriders/Pistoliers (can be fielded as either)
Great Cannon + Crew
20 Free Company Pirate Militia
1 Helstorm Rocket Battery
6 Knights

To be built/painted I have;

1 Mortar
1 Lore of Metal Wizard
6 Knights
3 Demigryph Knights
20 Free Company (They're actually zombie pirates built from zombie and militia parts that I made about 8 years ago but I'll be making them look more alive than they do at the moment so I can field them as free company detachments if I want)
1 Avatars of War Warrior Priest

For more info or up-to-date pics etc check out my plog:
» History/Fluff
Knights Harlequin

Harlequin Forest in the South East of the Dead Wood is home to more than just beasts. Horrors await behind every bough and trunk and woe is the traveller caught alone amongst the trees at dusk. One such horror is the Harlequin. Some say he's an immortal turned insane through the longevity of his life. Others swear he's undead, cursed to walk the land in a perpetual state of undying. More people still claim he's a daemon summoned from the planes of chaos. Whatever he or it is, the jester strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors as stories of his slaughter and dismemberment of victims reach far and wide.
The Knights Harlequin were formed to rid the forest of horrors such as the jester and their rites of induction are perilous to say the least. Initiates are trained for 2 years before they can prove their mettle in a hunt. The hunt is usually for a particularly vicious creature - maybe a manticore that has ravaged a farmer's herd or a warped creature of chaos that has been preying on travellers. Whatever the target the potential candidates will only be initiated if they help slay the beast and show bravery and that they're willing to sacrifice their lives to rid the world of these beasts.
The Order's colours are Purple, Yellow, White and Turquoise in a harlequin diamond pattern. The purple, yellow and white symbolise Ostermark - the province they have their headquaters in and where they recruit from most - while the turquoise is the orders' colour and used throughout their temples.
When the knights go to war they muster their forces of both traditional knights and fearsome demigryph knights. They're often led by the Grand Master of the order and accompanied by the Jester-Head Banner - a magical banner of great importance to the order.

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cain the betrayer's Avatar
08/11/2013 19:16
Looks awesome, I especialy love the knight with the checkers pattern.
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SlaaneshLover's Avatar
02/01/2013 07:42
Awesome job, they look great and it's always nice to see someone put thought into the army back story as well as the painting. It really does make for a more complete force.
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Boc's Avatar
01/28/2013 14:37
Great looking models, loving the freehand on the banners
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