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Waaagh! Skarsnik Orks Warhammer 40k -
» Waaagh! Skarsnik
Outcast Warboss Skarsnik Ug Golgotha Urdgul
Skarsnik was the warboss of the Blitzers Tribe of the Evil Sunz Clan until Grimgrod, a nob in his warband, challenged him for leadership of the tribe.

Skarsnik favored weapon is his power klaw, dubbed Deffblow. It is no idle boast of his that with it, he has slain hundreds of enemies (genesneakers, ‘umies, metal skellies). Most recently at the head of his retinue, he slew a tervigon.

Da Old Firm
[Badrukk, Duffdreg, Kruk, Razskul, Thogsnik]
Now led by the nob Razskul, Da Old Firm is composed of older, mature nobz who are veterans of dozens of battles. Originally, Da Old Firm had been led by Grimgrod, Skarsnik’s former lieutenant. Razskul and a couple of other nobz were in a vocal, opposing minority. Razskul sports a number of scars caused by his insubordination to Grimgrod.

When Da Old Firm saw Skarsnik fall, Razskul flanked by Duffdreg and Kruk charged Grimgrod while Badrukk and Thogsnik dragged away their fallen warboss.

» Army Details
The idea behind my Orks are that they are the remnants of a Waaagh that have decided to become freebooters. At this time they still retain their colors, but no longer have their affiliations.

They are from following: the Blitzers Tribe of the Evil Sunz Clan, the Crooked Moons Tribe of the Bad Moons Clan, and the Red Knives Tribe of the Blood Axes Clan.
» History/Fluff
Renegade Mekanik Thog
Following a compulsion from Gork (or possibly Mork), Thog wandered out into the wilderness. After a fortnight, he came upon a Grot camp based around the wreckage of a downed Imperial craft. While watching the Grots inexpertly try to salvage the wreck, something inside of Thog clicked. With his choppa, a fire, and half a dozen Grots, he created a crude forge. With the forge he created more tools (which he carried around in a pouch worked from his boots). And with the tools, he unlocked and developed skills he suspected he had. He returned one day (his mate Grog the only one to note his absence) as a mekanik.

Renegade Runtmaster Zodgrod Wartsnagga
Runtmaster Zodgrod Wartsnagga is an adherent of the heretical philosophy of Naflug, an obscure (and quite possibly deranged) Runtherd who had developed a technique of training Grots involving bell ringing, juicy squig rewards, and other things.

» Modelling and Conversion Information
Skraga’s Boyz
[Badbonk, Bog, Bogskul, Gorshag, Grog, Grubgob, Kroka, Krump, Morfang, Morgor, Nazgrod, Razsnot, Rotgut, Skarskul, Skraga, Thogdur, Tuffgit, Tuffwort]
In any warband, there are rivalries, but none as brutal or intense as that between Skraga and Krunk. When Krunk single-handedly killed a Soul Grinder, Skraga lost what sanity he had. Time and again, Skraga led his boyz in suicidal charges against horrific odds for his next big kill. This, of course, only encouraged the boyz. Follow Skraga, they said, ‘e’s lookin’ fo’ a Big Scrap.

And Skraga did find it on a planet overrun by Tyranids. When the warband landed, Skraga waded into hordes of ‘gaunts. Wave after wave, Skraga led his boyz, cutting a swathe toward one of the two tervigons in sight.

When Skraga’s power klaw finally cracked apart the abominable chitin, only two of his boyz, Kroka and Tuffwort, were alive to witness the battle. Currently, Skraga sports the one claw that remained intact as his bosspole. Krunk now seeks even bigger game.

Skraga's Speshulz
[Dregdur, Gargslug]

Kilskarr's Killaz
[Gorbak, Kilskarr, Nugrob, Razgrod, Tuffdreg]

» Super Runtz Herd [Troops]
Da Desert Dozen
[Arkibus, Deddpool, ‘Eadshot, Grox-Eye (red kill tally), Hakbut, Nok, Puckle, Taktix, Twitch (yellow kill tally), & Wacha] (not pictured: Muskit [deceased] and Bullitt [deceased])
Some Red Knives Gretchin, with more backbone than normal, found a taste for combat. Arming themselves with Grot blastas, they waded into combat, following the Ork boyz. This mimicry did not please the Orks. One day, the Gretchin woke to an abandoned camp. Gearing up, they sought out their tribe and instead found Grog Wortordz.

Grog was unable to take advantage of the Gretchin’s self-training until the arrival of the former Snakebite-now renegade Runtmaster Zodgrod Wartsnagga.

Under the tutelage of the Runtmaster Zodgrod, these Gretchin underwent an unusual training regime. The Grots that graduated from the program were dubbed “Super-Runtz.” These Super-Runtz have gained an unheard-of proficiency with their Grot blastas, performed better on the battlefield and were generally more aggressive and dangerous than their Gretchin brethren. Of special note were the Grots Grox-Eye and Twitch who have accounted for one Blood Angel each.

» Gretchin Bandits [Bitz]
Thog's 'Elpahz
Found by the renegade Mekanik Thog, these Gretchin followed him back to camp and have been nuisances ever since.
front row (l-r) Skrote, Nikit, Kadge; back row (l-r) Filchit, Grope, Skratchit.

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