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Draw’s Warband

After his recovery, Draw went on to recruit as many disillusioned warriors as possible, either human, xenos or hybrid, to aid his cause for survival. Some were found by chance, others by intent, and others just simply came to him. Their quest against the Enslavers became legendary within not only human civilisations, but also amongst Tau, Eldar, even Ork worlds – the fighters of the free. Their quest initially began slowly, with only a handful of warriors, with little equipment between them. As they expanded, and were able to complete more intense missions, their acclaim grew, and with it their recruits and funds, allowing them to purchase or barter for better equipment such as exotic xenos tech or spare parts. However, the majority of their gear they find on the battlefield, either as remains from large campaigns, or as a result of their own skirmishes with hostile groups. Hence, their warriors and there wargear are diverse and mixed, with underhive gang members wielding Eldar lance weaponry, or the simple fire warrior armed with a pair of vicious-looking poisoned blades. Their aptitude with weapons is greatly enhanced under the training they receive, as they are taught to fight in the most brutal but versatile way possible, with ranged and close combat weapons for every scenario. As such, they are the perfect skirmishers, designed for any role with the support of certain elite allies such as the Dark Angels scouts, or the Harlequin troupe. They also have at their disposal, vehicles that have been taken and repaired from deserted battle fields, in addition to the Deathwatch’s Storm Eagle, and Draw’s personal Vendetta to add some firepower to their punch. More uniquely, the Crew have also taken use of various xenos beasts to their advantage, such as lost Eldar Wraithlords, or isolated Tyranid Carnifexes, wielding them for their new cause as heavy support units. Such initiative is rare in the 41st millennium with the stagnation of the Imperium and the decline of the Eldar, so the Crew find themselves at an advantage despite their relatively small numbers against the majority of their foes, be it Daemons, Necrons, Tyranids, or the Enslavers themselves. Even with their small numbers, they are the most numerous and possible most (in)famous warband on the Western Fringe, and now roam the galaxy aboard the Humanity’s Revenge, in search of overlooked civilisations to defend, and new ways to tackle the Enslaver menace.
Tharrus Draw

Draw was recruited by the Inquisition at a very young age, taken from his family against his will. However, he excelled throughout his training with his zeal, courage and skill at arms. However, his most profound quality was his ability to lead and inspire, but with a suspicious mind, making him ideal material to lead an inquisitorial warband by the age of 20. His chosen specialism was the Ordo Xenos, and as a Puritan Inquisitor he set out to rid the galaxy of the threat of the alien. Hi first major success came just under a year later, where he and his warband successfully destroyed a significant genestealer hybrid cult in the Exxan system and was swiftly rewarded for his efforts. His accolades continued to accumulate for the best part of two decades, his physical and mental abilities kept in top condition by compulsory Inquisitorial bionics and enhancements.
He was then dispatched to the far flung world of Khaenera Beta, on the fringe of the Ghoul Stars to investigate a suspected xenos infiltration of the governor’s house. However, upon arrival a warp storm broke out, severing all communication beyond the planet, isolating Draw and his men upon the planet. For what they found was not a minor xenos incursion, but a full blown Enslaver plague. Fighting desperately for survival, Draw’s men fell back to the mighty Imperial Fortress, hoping there to wait out the outside threat. By the time they reached it, there was only Draw and 4 others left alive. Seeing the futility of the investigation opened Draw’s mind to the entire futility of the efforts of the Ordo Xenos, the Inquisition, even the Imperium itself, for it could not possibly hope to prevail against all the evil in the galaxy. As these thoughts flashed through his mind, the Enslavers finally broke through into the fortress. In a last act of desperation, Draw detonated the thermonuclear stockpile at the heart of the fortress, creating an explosion the disintegrated the very atmosphere of Khaenera Beta, destroying the Enslaver plague. Thought dead, Draw’s name was crossed off the list of active service Inquisitors, and the Bell of Lost Souls even tolled once for his remembrance.

Rogue traders from neighbouring planets had heard the cataclysmic explosion even as far away as that, and once the warp storm had abated, set course for the planet. What they found was a lifeless planet, except for one, torn and battered figure, an arm missing, half his body burnt beyond recognition. But Draw was alive. Over the next months and years, the surgeons on Khaenera Echo slowly rebuilt Draw’s body, replacing his missing arm with a bionic, and regrafting his skin. However, Draw’s reconstruction was not a normal one, as once conscious, he asked for and ‘upgrade’. The bionic was made of pure living metal of the Necrons, giving him uncontestable strength; his skin was grafted with tough Ork hide, his damage organs replaced with salvaged Tyranid bio-morphs. He became his most hated enemies in order to combat them better, to put himself on an even footing. Once the surgery was complete, he set about creating a new warband. One that would be dedicated not to the Emperor, but to mankind by destroying the Enslaver menace and freeing humanity of the xenos threat. To do this he realised, that he would need to find like-minded characters, so he set about employing disillusioned warriors from all over the sector, regardless of their race or allegiances. To this day, Draw’s Warband are the largest mercenary warband on the western fringe, and are continuously striving to combat the Enslaver threat.
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This army is a concept I came up with based loosely around the idea of a cross between an Inquisitor warband and a Rogue Trader group. As of yet, it's just the codex, but in the distant future I do aim to build up an army to represent them.

Check my sig for the link to the thread with pdf codex download
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