143rd Death Korps of Krieg

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143rd Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k -
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So far I only have three tanks painted for this army but I plan to add quite a few infantry in the coming months. I'll be painting them up in the fashion of the 143rd Siege Regiment. They wont be all Death Korps of Krieg army models though because I like some of the Imperial Guard stuff that's not in the Forgeworld Codex.
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waspmann's Avatar
07/26/2012 00:09
That is awesome.
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jiMiH3ndriX's Avatar
05/21/2012 09:27
The rust / weathering is great!
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silenti79's Avatar
05/18/2012 22:30
Thank you.
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Learchus's Avatar
05/18/2012 14:59
pro painted, really impressive.
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