-Consanguinity of Slaughter- (Updated Pics&models!

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-Consanguinity of Slaughter- (Updated Pics&models! Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
» -Consanguinity of Slaughter- (Updated Pics&models!
At first formed as a warband to follow Kharn of the World Eaters in larger and bloodier assaults, the Consanguinity has grown into a force specialized in raiding shrine worlds of all races, turning their defenders into corpses and rubble to be molded by any surviving civilians (now promoted to slaves of the ruinous powers) into works of profane art to the Chaos deities, usually seen from orbit.
» Army Details

-Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ Wings, Warptime

-Kharn the Betrayer


- 10 Chaos Space Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 meltaguns, champion with Power Fist.

- 7 Death Guard, 2 meltaguns, Plague Champion with Power Fist.

- 8 Khorne Berserkers, Skull Champion with Power Weapon

Motor Pool

- 2 Chaos Rhinos

- 1 Chaos Land Raider w/ possession.

Heavy Weapons

- Obliterator Cult (2)

- Obliterator Cult (2)
» History/Fluff
-1 Chaos Vindicator

-5 Chaos Terminators (beng painted)

-Abbadon the Despoiler

-Terminator Sorcerer (almost finished)

- 7 Noise Marines

- 1 Chaos Rhino

- 9 Thousand Sons
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Wins - 7
Defeats - 3
Ties - 2
» Images
  • "We are the Skull Champions, my friend/ And we'll keep on fighting..."
  • Brand new Thousand Sons, and their ride.
  • Near-finished Daemon Prince. I'm quite happy with this  one.
  • Noise Champion w/ Doom Siren. Not  nearly done yet.
  • Skull Champion with redone power sword! Still needs finishing.
  • Death Guard Obliterator. Looks way better now with Vomit Brown dry-brushing.
  • A better shot of the IW vindicator Caligine Abditus. It's  never fired a shot!
  • Meltagun made from a stub and a chaos  vehicle decoration painted to look incandescent.
  • New Objective marker, affectionaly  nicknamed Matt Ward.
  • Iron Warrior Sorcerer with redone Force Weapon!
  • Detail on the power-weapon effect  of the Axe. Taught  by my friend André "Streem"!
  • Details of  the Talon of Horus
  • Abaddon. Still needs highlights.
  • Daemon Prince Verdigiris
  • "People diss  us because we're not Cult troops! But we'll show them someday..."
  • Plagueboys on a  wacky road trip to Chernobyl!
  • "Heyhey, we're the zerkers!/ People say we Zerk them around!"
  • Zerker Land Raider
  • Terminator guard
  • Verdigris Profile
  • 'Regular' Obliterator
  • Skull Champion Tyro
  • Plague Champion Putress
  • Kharn
  • Chaos Champion Glynnbekk
  • Death Guard meltagunner
» Comments
LukeValantine's Avatar
02/08/2012 16:03
Good army, but with the whole warband look of 3-5 different legions you really need a unifying element tie the force together. A unified basing color or pattern would help.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 05:58
You've got some interesting models and a lot of stuff painted. Will you be basing the models? I find that models looke about 200% better on a nice painted base.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 19:45
also it would be interesting if you made an angorn
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 19:44
it looks good enough the models flow together well
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06/07/2011 06:56
I am new to w40k and I have decided to play csm and orks
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
05/23/2011 16:04
Anybody noticed valentine posts on all armies but your own? No comment from me nut, give it a thought. Great painting works plus nice list
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
04/16/2011 02:54
I laughed at the Glynnbeck pun too. I do think that that model is my favorite of the lot, too!
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04/06/2011 15:44
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Jubble's Avatar
04/02/2011 18:21
Suggest you take some photos off the yellow book, it detracts from the models themselves
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Sephyr's Avatar
04/01/2011 08:53
Kreuger, I'm glad someone noticed my little pun. Maybe I'll make four champions...O-Rheeallyh, Henn'itteeh, Leem-bah and Hackabeast. ;)
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Sephyr's Avatar
03/31/2011 20:33

Fluffwise, I justify it as this particular slaaneshi prince being a Combat junkie, the Warp is a bit too esoteric for his tastes, so he tries to stay as long as possible in the materium high on the endorphins of ending lives.

I'm working on a banner or something to display his slaaneshi allegiance more clearly. Thanks for the comments.
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Anarkitty's Avatar
03/19/2011 17:06
Your models look good, though the Prince looks more Khornate or Undivided than Slaaneshi. Good paint jobs all around though, especially your Oblits.
I do question the fluffiness of having Kharn and a Prince of Slaanesh leading the same force, but don't mind that. I tend to get pedantic about fluff.
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Kreuger's Avatar
03/14/2011 15:48
I think LukeValantine hit it right on the head.
Have you considered adding a friend Chaos Champion Glynnbekk? Perhaps Plague Champion Limbaugh?
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Sephyr's Avatar
02/20/2011 16:09

The first experiments with the army have been very good, Dorantana. I usually keep a pair of oblits on the board and deep-strike the other for multi-melta goodness. Berserkers clear out enemy objectives and, then attract fire. CSM reinforce it if required.

LukeValantine, thanks for the comment. And most of my models have gone though a wash or two, but it doesn't always take how I expected!
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LukeValantine's Avatar
02/19/2011 05:10
Recently have been wondering why people have not been giving more comments to peoples armies, so I have set out to comment on peoples armies in order to validate all the time they have spent building said armies.

Nice work on the prince, however you stuff could do with a wash or two to blend stuff better.
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Dorantana's Avatar
02/07/2011 21:55
how does this list work for you? I would be intrested to know
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