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» The Lost Wolves
The story of Lost Wolves is long and tragic: founded in the wake of Horus Heresy from Space Wolves progenitor chapter, the Lost Wolves (whose original name was "Sons of Fenris") departed from the home world of Fenris to join the ongoing crusade to free the galaxy from the remnants of the traitor legions.

Like many others though, the battle barges of the chapter went lost and adrift in the devious tides of the warp, reemerging only many centuries after their disappearance in a completely uncharted zone of space.

Unaware of the time that had passed, the Lost Wolves were nonetheless wearied down by the constant fight against the foul creatures of the warp that had haunted their journey so far. More than half of the fleet was already destroyed, and only a handful of battle brothers were still alive.

Luckily, the flag ship "Ringhorn" carrying the chapter gene seed pool was still afloat, even if barely. The Sons of Fenris could still survive if they would be able to find a safe heaven fast.

For more than 50 years, the lost fleet fought his way across hostile alien space. When a scant 100 battle brothers remained, they finally aproached what seemed imperial space. Suddendly, some astropath broadcasting challenged them. It was a message from a Ultramarine advanced survey station.

At first, these staunch defenders of humanity were quite mistrustful of those ghosts appearing from a past so distant every memory was lost of them ages ago. The story these upstart marines were telling was quite unbelievable: for more than nine thousand years they drifted in the tides of the warp, oblivious of time passing, yet they emerged untainted from the mark of chaos that everyone, even if exposed to it for a mere moment, couldn't avoid to bear.

Luckily for the Sons of Fenris, Ultramarines have a much more compassionate nature than most of the ruthless servants of the Empire. Instead of opening fire on the ghost fleet, the sector commander sent notice to Ultramar about the odd contact. When reached by the news, Marneus Calgar himself took interest in the matter and sent none less than his trusted Chief Librarian, Varrus Tigurius, to investigate.

Upon a thorough psychic inspection, Tigurius concluded that the Lost Wolves were untainted and guided them back to the relatively safe ground of imperial space.
» Army Details

Second company, first tactical squad (Mystletainn*), special weapon marine.

Lost wolves still bear the ancient Space wolves heraldry, even if they now adhere to Codex Astartes. The simbol on right shoulderpad denotes squad (a single red fang in this case, for first squad) and the colour indicates the company (yellow for second company in this case). Same heraldry is echoed on the left kneepad. The left shoulder always bears chapter colour (yellow) and insignia (a wolf's head).

First company, first sternguard squad (Mjolnir*), veteran marine.

After reentering imperial space in the Charadon Sector, near the Ultramar Empire (for more info, see History of the Chapter below), the Lost Wolves reorganized themselves after their saviour doctrine, the Codex Astartes. So the few battle brothers remaining were divided in companies, and the most senior of them were assigned to first "veteran" company. In honour of the Ultramarines, Sternguards of Lost wolves chapter painted their helmet and right shoulder ultramarine blue. Issued with new MK 7 "Aquila" power armour, many veterans still like to wear old fashion "Corvus" helmets over it.

Corvus company (Hugin*), recruit marine.

The Lost Wolves doesn't have a 10th "scout" company, since during their millenary journey across the warp and the ensuing odissey to return to imperial space they lost all scout equipment and furthermore they werent able to get new recruits for it. After their return, the chapter is starting to rebuild, but in lack of more conventional scout armour and weapons new recruits are often issued with the old MK 6 power armour, which is lighter and have better communication equipment. In the field, marines from Corvus company are deployed like scouts in more conventional chapters. From the image, it's visible the terrible battering of the ages on these ancient and venerable suits of armour. Most of them are dating since the end of the Horus Heresy, some 10 thousand years ago.

First company, first squad (Mystletainn*), special weapon marines with flamer and meltagun.

Being so few in number, Lost Wolves try to compensate for their numerical inferiority with better equipment. Usually a tactical squad carries two special weapons instead of one, plus the canonical heavy weapon (normally a missile launcher). As you can see from the ground, the new home planet of the chapter, New Fenris, is very different from the original native land. Rocky and barren, the planet is hot for most of the year and bears little life except the few settlements from which the Lost Wolves recruit their new levies.

First company, second squad (Atgeir*), tactical marines.

The two brothers depicted here are veterans from the warp odissey that left the Lost Wolves stranded for nearly ten thousand years. Only adamantium faith and preternatural savagery saved them from utter madness. The marine on the right was formerly from a devastator squad, possibly from 7th company, as the many skulls and the enhanced targetting device on the helmet seems to prove. Even after loosing his heavy weapon and being incorporated in a tactical squad, his marksmanship skills proved as deadly with a bolter than they were with a missile launcher.

First company, first tactical squad (Mystletainn*).

It's not unusual for the Lost Wolves to be forced by circumstances to deploy their squads understrenght. Here we see the first company at his full actual complement: 3 tactical marines, 2 special weapon marines and one heavy weapon marine with missile launcher. To slightly compensate for this lack of numbers, a recruit from Corvus company was attached to the squad.

Chaplain Petrus of the Ultramarines.

Chaplain Petrus is here depicted during New Fenris campaign. Having lost most of his equipment during the first Dark Eldar ambush, Petrus is sporting a black MK 7 armour customized with a scavenged MK 6 power fist. The usual skull white chaplain helmet is replaced by a black helmet with skull and laurels. On the right shoulder you can notice Ultramarine insignia and colour. This was an addition to denote chapter affiliation.

*Even if the Lost Wolves are now organized following the lines of the Codex Astartes, they retain the ancient names given to Grand Companies of Space Wolves heritage. In the old Sons of Fenris chapter these Companies were named after the ancient weapons of the gods of Fenris. So the first squad of second company is identified by the designation "Mystletainn" (a mythical sword believed to belong to a king of the fenrisian people), second squad is known as "Atgeir" (a word roughly translated as "halberd"), Sternguards of the first company are known as Mjolnir ("The Crusher", hammer of Thor) and so on. An exception is the Corvus company, designated by the name of one of the ravens belonging to Odin, Hugin (Thought).
» History/Fluff
Leaving for more urgent tasks, Tigurius left the upstart marines to the care of Chaplain Venator Petrus, formerly of the Ultramarine Fifth Company, and now attached to the Sons of Fenris.

Petrus' task was appaling for a man of lesser resolve: he had to restore imperial order to the chapter, organize them along the lines of the revered Codex Astarted and find a new home for the wolves where they can rest and find new recruits.

A suitable planet was found near a old yellow star. It was a desert world named Lastratus Prime, in the Lastrati system. The colons lived there in arsh conditions, since the life maintenance systems that once kept the weather of the planet stable had long failed, and now the few and sparse settlement were condamned to struggle for mere survival.

Petrus thought that between these rugged survivors the wolves could find enough human material to reinforce their ranks. So decided, the small space marine fleet set course to Lastrati, and with benevolent warp tides were able to reach the planet in a short time.

As the battered flagship of the Lost Wolves fleet, the battlebarge "Ringhorn", took orbit around the planet, though, disaster struck the unlucky chapter once again. Unbeknowst to the space marines, indeed, a small dark eldar fleet commanded by the self proclaimed corsair prince Connaighar was prowling the space near the Lastrati system in search of prey.

Without any warning, the corsair flottilla emerged from the warp near the space marine fleet and immediately attacked. Spearheaded by the Torture class cruiser "The Soulless", the alien spaceships wreaked havoc between the surprised imperial forces. The Sons of Fenris were no easy quarry though. Used to thousand of years of wandering amongst the most terrifying horrors of humanity, they never lowered their guard.

In a fraction of second, the mighty battle barge levelled her batteries on the dark eldar marauders and opened fire. Two escort ships were destroyed in the brink of an eye, while "The Soulless" herself was heavily damaged. Far from being defeated though, the pirate fleet evaded, while the eldars sent a landing force on Lastratus Prime to pillage the hapless human settlements.

In the meantime, the Lost Wolves were assessing the terrible damage they had suffered. Most of the remaining support ships with lot of important supplies, weapons and armors had been destroyed in the dark eldar surprise attack. Some troop transports were lost too. With their battle force almost halved, the wolves were faced with the ominous task to start a planetary campaign on Lastratus Prime to scourge the alien taint from it and save the hapless human colons.
» Images
  • Brother Wolfsheim with flamer
  • Brother Bjornsonn with meltagun
  • Brother Magni of the Sternguard
  • Brother Lysiarchus (recruits bear names mutuated from Ultramarine rather than Space Wolves tradition
  • Brothers Wolfsheim and Bjornsonn from Second Company
  • First Tactical Squad from Second Company during New Fenris liberation campaign
  • Chaplain Petrus
  • Brother Asmundarson and Brother Egil from Second Squad
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