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Army Name Race Game System Points
19th Dundarian Guard Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 2505
» 19th Dundarian Guard
Army Name W-L-D Locations Played
Tau ------- 8-0-1 Arkansas
Eldar ------ 2-5-3 Maryland, North Dakota
Necrons --- 1-4-0 Maryland, Arkansas
Blood Angel 2-0-0 Arkansas
Orks ------ 5-2-0 Arkansas, Maryland North Dakota
Dark Eldar - 0-1-0 Arkansas
Black Temp 1-0-0 Maryland
Ultras ----- 0-0-1 Maryland
IG -------- 2-0-0 North Dakota, Arkansas
Space Wolf- 1-0-0 Arkansas
» Army Details
165 Troopers
1 CCS w/ Power sword and plas pistol
4 Scout Walkers w/las cannon
2 LR with battle cannons and lascannons, one with plasma cannon one with H bolters
3 Chimeras
2 vet squads, 1 with 3 meltas, 1 with 3 plasmas(the melta also has all shotguns for the rest of the guys...)
4 vet sgts, 2 with power swords two with power fists
4 missile launcher teams
4 Mortar Teams
3 Lascannon teams
2 Autocannon teams
1 HBolter team.
» History/Fluff
Sgt Mixon -- Missile Launcher Crew Sgt -- Current kill count
2 Eldar War Walkers
3 Dark Eldar Raiders
1 Eldar Falcon
23 various troops
1 Tau Devilfish
2 Tau Hammerheads

Trooper First Class Davidson -- Vet Squad shot gunner
T1C Davidson has shot and killed the following
1 Assult Terminator
1 Tau Crisis Battle Suit
5 Orc Boys
1 BA Marine
Credited with the kill for 1 DE Archon in close combat.

Major Creig -- First Commander 19th Dundarian Gaurd (KIA)
Maj Creig is credited with 14 Necron Warrior kills, 2 Immortal kills and one Lord Killed. Maj Creig was killed in action at the Battle of Hill 382 against the Eldar. He was felled by a lucky Falcon and a lance weapon shot.
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07/08/2012 23:49
i been reading your post's here lately and you are one hell of an IG player it seems. You make me want to play them and they werent even a choice.

Im really new to 40k and warhammer in general. Dont even have an army yet as im still deciding. I had two in mind Necrons, CSM w/Tzeentch allies.

But now reading your stuff you have got me thinking about IG even though they are seen all the time. I am curious has to what you think about them now that 6th edition is out? Meaning since vehicles are weaker what does this do for IG armies and how you see other assets in the IG army (sentials, etc.)? im really liking the playstyle of IG being im Army IRL so i would play then tatically, you think thats viable for IG?

thanks for your time
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Obinhi's Avatar
04/21/2012 21:24
lol hardluck, lucky because I was being a jackass and put the shot on my commander because I was having great rolls and wiffed the invol save.
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04/02/2012 18:20
I don't know how "lucky" a lance weapon shot is. When you're vaporised by a lance weapon it isn't very accidental.

Great army list, though.
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