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Honka's Big Top Brawlas Orks Warhammer 40k -
» Honka's Big Top Brawlas
Originally when I started warhammer I collected eldar and found that I grew bored of them didn’t have the enthusiasm to actually paint them, and when I bought a massive force off a friend I couldn’t be bothered to even put them together thus they were banished to a box on the shelf for future people to find.
Then a little while ago Grimzag invited me to an apocalypse battle as he need someone to command his orks, thinking it could be a bit of a laff I attended. It was then that I was finally awoken, Grimzag had been bugging me to start again and now I was very tempted. However the thought of going back to the elder filled me with dread.

That’s when I noticed Grimzag sat on my shoulder. And he had a halo and a harp he said “re-join da fight we need ya elp”. then an elder appeared on the other shoulder with horns and a pitchfork he said “do you really want to get us out again and re paint all those models you have you never really enjoyed playing just sell all your models and forget about it”. then grimzag spoke again “ignore dat pointy eaded freak you don’t hafta play as those guys let your inna ork out” which I said “but grimzag my brother commands orks wouldn’t it be weird if I did as well?”. in which he replied “not if ya make some orks all of ya own speak to your brudda and see what he tinks of your ideas”.

Much fungus brew was drunk by me and my brother and then the idea of two of the most feared things should be joined orks and clowns.
So there is the tail of how honkas army came to be and the evil eldar curse was lifted.
» Army Details
Honkas Big Top Brawlas Are here to amaze, astound and stupefy. With the leader Ring Master Honka he and his sidekick Bladkrick will yell scream and loot across the known worlds. If your scared of clowns you will be petrified of these.
» History/Fluff
During the second battle for Armageddon a small time war boss following the words of ghazghkull thraka joined the assault on Armageddon and it was during this assault he took a heavy bolter round to the chest. he was then brought to the only doc close "Doc Dribble Brain". while trying to save his life the war boss awoke and went into a mad rage, to calm him the doc had to administer Antithetic. which was a large mallet to his fractured head which in turn caved in his skull.

The boss left Armageddon and brought The Doc with him. and since that day has never really been the same now he seeks out orks to join his crew who are as weird (if not more) then him.

Ring Master Honka

After that fateful day ring master Honka has only been able to communicate with honks, squeaks and clicks this proving a problem he has his long time companion with him Bladcrick. he is the only person who is able to translate what honka is saying. (unsure if the translation is correct however honka never complains) his duty to carry his bosses gun into battle and translate orders back to the rest of the boys.

The Mime Master.

This Character is unique compared to his orky brethren, doesn't talk doesn't waagh doesn't make a sound unsure if he is unable to talk or chooses not to.
Due To his way of talking by gesturing and waving his arms He was dubbed The Mime Master.He rose through the ranks by systematicly crushing the wind pipes of any orks that opposed him or any that where just too noisy
after roaming for a long time he teamed up with ring master honka. some say it was because he found a common relationship with honka as neither can communicate properly others say its because they both have a weird thing for seeing orks in makeup. this we will never know.

He is also accompanied by his Silent Nob Mob to create a swarm or roaming Mutes

Doc Dribble Brain.

doc dribble brain is one of the most unhinged docs known. his experimentation knows no limits or brutality. after spending many years trying to improve on the ork physiology and failing causing millions of ork and human deaths alike. he finally struck gold when they attack and captured medical transport ("freebird") transport space marine combat stims. not designed for orks the serum was fatal to them, however after combining it an various amounts with other compounds (squigs, grots... dirt") he came up with a solution that had a 1 in 1000 chance of working with some pretty horrific side effects... so that would do.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Mr Busters Truck boys

Mr buster has seen a few battles. armed with his extendomatic boxing glove it has the power to punch through even the toughest Armour. they ride into battle in there yellow and blue clown car honking and screaming all the way.

Smileys Shoota boys

Smiley is one of the happier nobs (whether he wants to be or not) he commands the swarm of 29 clorks has seen battle a few times and in a couple being the bullet shield for there deranged boss. have taken down there fair share of enemy and there numbers have struck fear in to many foe.

Butcher the screaming Clork

Butcher is quite an angry clork, armed with his huge chopper he enjoys nothing more then cutting S**t up.His Taxi trukk transports his brutal anger across the battlefield to every cowering Enemy.

Stumpy the Big Handed (over compensating they say)

Stumpy is slightly shorter than other nobs however what he lacks in height he makes up for with big claws... or claw. again stumpy has yet to see battle but he is itching to get into the scrap. Now sporting a god awful looking trukk with some of the worse colours i have ever had the miss fortune to paint.

Mr Fluffy

He was out the day the orks were assigned colours. now it matches his ridiculous name which he has killed many boys for mocking


His Brain is Mostly Mush he can only eat and fight that is all he can do. blind in his only eye he can only see through his bionic implant pointing out targets.
has 15 Boys in Tow will eventually be a mob of 30.
» Da Metal Rigs
The Flying Grotzini Bros

The Grotzini Bros are experts at cannons. when they arnt launching themselves just for the hell of it they are grabbing poor passing grots and strapping high explosives to them to fire them at the enemy. they squeal with joy as they watch them fly

Kom N Smeel

Honkas favorite joke is the fake Squirty Flower. however i don't think he quite got the point of the joke instead of a small flower that squirts a small amount of water he attached a giant metal flower that sprays a huge fireball af death at whoever comes near.

Food And Fight.

All Armies Need feeding so Food and fight delivers that food for da Boyz while delivering its patent HOT Sauce to the face of their enimies.

Flower Power Buggy

will eventually increase in numbers. but for now this hippy warbuggy is out to gun down those squishy Humies in Fabulous Pink.

The Strong Men.

These abominations where the products of dribble brains experiments. after infecting an entire enemy warband with his steroid booster all but three died. the survivors where captured and .... reprogrammed . the main side effects where common with this sort of experiment easy to anger intelligence severely dropped and shrinkage .... of you know what.
» Santa Clorks Festive Freebooters
Big Mec Santa Clork.

This Large Jolly ork travels the universe to steal peoples "toys" and dispense lumps of coal from his festive mega blaster. he builds many things for honka some as specified some as he sees fit. his pride and joy is his Stompa "Frosty" and enjoys nothing more then to ride into battle in this killy behemoth.

You Better not shout you better not cry, He s loading us his truck with a twinkle in his eye, SANTA CLORK IS LOOTING YOUR TOWN.
Hes Making a List, Hes Checking it twice Hes gonna find out whos got something nice, SANTA CLORK IS LOOTING YOUR TOWN.
He built stuff while your sleeping, He WAAGGHS while your awake, He Dont care if your bad or good, he'll just shoot you in the face,
So You Better not shout, You Better not cry, You Better Not Move, or you will surely die,

Santa Clorks Snow Mobiles

Need to Travel across the land with apt festive snow mobiles delivering explosive Gifts to all

Orksmas Tree

Orksmas trees are used on the ice planet to hide amongst Forest to create suprise attack from the trees super stealthy if it wasnt for the noisy engine and plumes of black smoke.

Frosty The Stompa

Frosty da stompa was a shooty, killy soul,
With a buzz saw arm and a dakka nose
he could cut down any foe.
Frosty da stompa is a nightmare tale they say,
he was ard as nailz and da 'umies quailed
as he ran into da fray.

There musta been some nitrous in dat
old fuel tank they found.
Cause when dey, juiced his motor up
he just ripped da base' walls down.
O, Frosty da stompa
Was as bad as he could be,
and da 'umies say he could rend and slay
froo tanks real easily.

Frosty the stompa was creation of Santa Clork after passing out from drinking to much squignog he awoke to find he had drawn plans for this machine. and with more squig hootch and fungus pudding he began his epic build.

Frosty is a super killy stompa in the last battle he was in he was responsible for huge casualties on the enemy team through shooting and cutting them up.
» Future Projects
Here are some Random Thoughts i have had for additional units

Dr Mime

Bruizer Brigade

Orkasen's Mazing Machine

Honka's Ultimate Brawlers

Honkas Super clown Wagon

Doc Dribble Brains Super Abomination

Soaring Rock Wing Walkers

I now open the floor to peoples ideas as to what they think i should attempt next

ive got ideas for

jump pack guys on pogo sticks

Random Ork in Dress

Squiggoth elephant
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08/05/2014 03:02
have all of my likes!, awesome army, fantastic execution
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06/30/2013 22:43
This is brilliant, I applaud you sir!
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NimbleJack3's Avatar
06/01/2013 12:04
I laughed, I cried, and I still can't sleep properly. Top stuff.
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Warlord_Winters's Avatar
05/24/2012 07:45
they need smily faces and clown wigs
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GrimzagGorwazza's Avatar
04/10/2012 09:15
Looking good Bro. Can't wait to see how this developes.
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