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1. Mobile Response Battalion
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Mobile Response Battalion Tau Warhammer 40k 2250
» Mobile Response Battalion
My idea behind this army is that it's a quick and mobile army that is able to rapidly deploy onto even the harshest and most inhospitable of landscapes. An army that claims no homeworld, living almost entirely on ships transiting from battle to battle wherever reinforcements are required. Never staying in a system long and always on the move to strike at the enemy as it invades their territories.

It's why I use all helmets on the Firewarriors and ice/snow on the bases. Showing that the weather or atmosphere is not adequate to support life.

But still they fight on. Such is their duty to the Empire.
» Army Details
(2) Commander suits
(9) Crisis suit XV-8
(6) Stealth Suits XV-25
(6) Broadside XV-88
(3) Piranha
(2) Tetra
(24) Firewarriors
(24) Kroot
(2) Devilfish
(1) Hammerhead
» History/Fluff
(1) Shas'el w/ Bodyguard: PR/MP, HWMT, & TA
(1) Shas'el w/Bodyguard: PR/MP, HWMT, & TA

(6) Firewarriors w/ Devilfish
(6) Firewarriors w/Devilfish
(10) Kroot
(10) Kroot

Fast Attack:
(2) Tetra
(3) Piranha

(3) Broadsides; A.S.S. and team leader with Shield Drone
(3) Broadsides; A.S.S. and team leader with Shield Drone
(1) Hammerhead; Burst cannons and Railgun
» Modelling and Conversion Information
I don't really keep a good record of win/loss, though I do know that I've been able to hold my ground fairly well against standard marines, a Space Wolf army, and usually table an IG player. GK and Orks are something that just mow me over everytime.

I do keep a record of individual unit's effectiveness though and plan on updating this as I continue playing.

Gun Drones.)
Pins: (1) TH/SS Termie unit about to contest the last objective in a game
Vehicles: (4) Rhinos/razorbacks wrecked in 2 games.

(1) old school Monolith
(1) Battle Wagon
(2) Vendettas
(2) Storm Ravens
3 rounds of combat vs. Lash Prince
(5) direct hits for scatter in a row

(1) Necron Destroyer lord killed in CC going 1 on 1.
» Coming Soon
I plan on:
-Getting another (2) Tetras and that should be the final purchase I plan on making for my army.

-Building a set of (4) Drone turrets from scratch.

-Making terrain pieces that fit into the whole "mobile" feel. Currently I am converting some of the Forgeworld resin blocks into Jersey barriers. I have also found a kit for making old style tank traps and have made a few of those.

-Landing pads. I have two ceramic "campanion cube" tops that I have acquired and I intend to convert these into a landing pads as soon as I figure out a good base for them to be put into.
» Color Scheme
Main color: Mythril Silver & Chaos Black
Secondary color: Codex Grey & Enchanted Blue

I try to go with a look that makes it look like everything is straight off the assembly line. Very little in the way of unit color (blue) with metallics and "primed" sections covering the majority of the model.
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Gue'vesa'O Ba'cho's Avatar
08/02/2012 00:38
Your stealthsuits are wicked! I'm also a big fan of your kroot and tetras. Very nice job.
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07/30/2012 03:46
I love the Tron inspired stealth suits!!!!
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Warlord_Winters's Avatar
05/03/2012 08:14
Me Gusta!!
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04/01/2012 10:47
holy crap.... these are brilliant... loving the stealth suits most... this is the ispiration i need to complete my army... thanks for that... +rep
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