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Eldar Fleet Eldar Battlefleet Gothic 4790
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The Eldar Fleet contains as follows :
1x Void Stalker Battleship
6x Shadow class Cruiser
2x Eclipse class Cruiser
2x Aurora class Light Cruiser
2x Solaris class Light Cruiser
13x Helebore class Frigate
7x Aconite class Frigate
5x Nightshade class Destroyer
12x Hemlock class Destroyer
I may add some craftworld Eldar later...
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Ive got an almost 4800 Point Eldar Fleet "lying around" for quite a while. Recently I decided to give them a try. I remembered of a color scheme I created several years ago for a 40K Eldar Army and after I sortet out the problems regarding the color (Main color of the sheme is fiery orange, which citadel dont make anymore so I had to change to Vallejo) I started painting them. And so I think I can make an entry here. Pictures will follow as soon I've got some more ships painted.
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