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Harbingers of Corruption Warriors of chaos Warhammer 1250
» Harbingers of Corruption
Wulfric plays a key role in my battle plan, taking out the enemy general from the flank with his hunter of men rule. My knights flank any unit stuck in my marauders or warriors, in which hides my Sorceror who often is left behind when the unit assaults so he can continue his magical bombardment. Note, despite te nurgle affiliated name I don't like using it as it as it is too expensive.
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A force of Warriors that has been steadily growing as of September 4 but has accollected a ferocious reputation for savagery, especially my knights. As I am starting not to like the style of warfare these guys will hopefully be superseded by DarkElves.
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When the dark gods cursed Wulfric to wander the plane of the mortal realm to prove himself the superior warrior in all the Old World, he fled with his noble warriors. These were th original Harbingers of Steel. Soon the marauders were joined by a roving Warrior Band who promised their allegiance for the promise of conflict. Soon chaos knights flock to their banner, &, perhaps by the whim of the Dark Gods, two sorcerors pledged their help just as they raided the continent of Lustria. This had the unfortunate effect of an uneasy alliance of these beasts to claim a Plaque inscribed on a Chaos Temple, which housed a legendary weapon. Despite being reduced to a fraction of their former self the two armies kept marching, crushing dwarves ogres & elvs alike beneath their feet.
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1x Sorceror Lord

1x Wulfric the Wanderer
1x Sorceror

12x Warriors
19x Marauders

5x Knights

1x Shaggoth
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