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Red Scorpions 4th Company Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
» Red Scorpions 4th Company

The origins of the Red Scorpions Chapter are unknown. No records remain of the chapter's founding or from which Space Marine Legion their geneseed was first taken. This secrecy has led to some of the Imperium's heirarchy questioning the loyalty of a chapter that keeps it's history secret. Despite this, the chapter is wiling to assist wherever it can, carrying out thousands of aid missions. It is known, however, that the chapter has existed for at least 5,000 years.
The Red Scorpions are characterized by their extreme traditionalism, unyielding devotion to the Codex, and their hatred of abhumans and other mutants and anything deviating from the pure human form. They have a fanatical belief in their own purity and this has led to the chapter's isolationism. They do not venerate any Primarch above any other, preferring only to venerate the Emperor. As a chapter, they are extremely xenophobic; they will not serve alongside abhumans, and due to the Imperial Guard's willingness to allow abhumans in their ranks, they view them as inferior and untrustworthy.
The Chapter is noted for the purity of geneseed tithes which is heavily tied to its fanatical belief in purity, in deed and thought as well as physically.


Recruits are drawn from Zaebus Minoris, a small, arid world inhabited by primitive tribes of humans. The tribes' traditions tie into the recruitment process of the Chapter. Male infants are presented to the tribes' temple at the first full moon of its life. A few are taken by the "gods" - selected, after genetic testing, by Chapter Apothecaries as potential future Marines. Because these recruits will have had no experience with their parent culture, the Chapter is all the recruit will know.


The Red Scorpions consider the Codex Astartes as religious scripture, and their chapter organization closely follows codex standards. The chapter is vehemently opposed to the use of camouflage designs not described within the codex.

Chapter Engagements

? 857.M38 - The chapter is called to assist in the prolonged siege of the traitor stronghold on Helios. The chapter's Master of the Forge creates the Land Raider Helios by mounting extra Whirlwind launchers onto existing Land Raiders. He took this step because the Red Scorpions mistrusted the Imperial Guard units they were sent to work with, fearing the Chapter may become tainted by forces already exposed to the traitor's corruption.

? Late M39 - The Red Scorpions undertake the Ordon Crusade, which sees the entire chapter deployed in the wilderness space of the Ordon Rift in Segmentum Tempestus for 300 years, during which time it was feared they had been destroyed. It is unknown what happened during these three centuries.

? M41 Galen V Suppression (Galen V Expeditionary Force) - involved Land Raiders in Codex Approved Cobalt/Ammonium desert camouflage for the cobalt chromate deserts of Galen V.

? 826.M41 Strike force composed of elements of the 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 8th companies arrive on Vraks on the Strike Cruiser Arx Fidelis. Led by Commander Ainea, the strike force aided in the final breaching of the curtain wall surrounding the Fortress of Vraks. Veteran Sergeant Carab Culln leads the Vanguard squad that carried the teleport homer used by Commander Ainea and his squad of Terminators to arrive, and subsequently hold, the breach in the curtain wall where the besieging army would pour through.

? 830.M41 The Red Scorpions return to Vraks, this time with a strike force personally led by Lord High Commander Verant Ortys in response to Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex's request for aid. The Battle Barge Sword of Ordon arrives in orbit, carrying 400 of the chapter's battle-brothers, including Veteran Sergeant Carab Culln. The Red Scorpions proceed to participate in the retaking of the Fortress of Vraks, particularly the battle of Saint Leonis' Gate.

? 850.M41 Marines from the chapter's first and sixth companies, led by Commander Carab Culln assist Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Solomon Lok during an investigation and subsequent battle against Tyranids on Beta Anphelion IV. The Chapter comes under surveillance by the Ordo Hereticus for their actions, along with Inquistor Lord Varius of the Ordo Xenos.

? 906.M41 Badab War - The chapter is brought in, along with the Minotaurs, to protect shipping and space lanes and to reinforce the Fire Hawks and Marines Errant during the Badab War. Due to the Red Scorpions' unyielding devotion to Codex scripture and their unwillingness to fraternize with less traditional Chapters, their operations in the War were mainly confined to space-lane duties.5 They were involved in several bloody ship-to-ship boarding actions against the renegade Executioners chapter 1, while the Minotaurs carry out similar boarding actions against the renegade Lamenters, which causes the Lamenters to surrender. See "Badab War" article for more information.

? 906.M41 Angstrom Incident - Involving Red Scorpion pursuit squads in Codex red/black disruptive camouflage.

? 907.M41 - The Red Scorpions return to the galactic east to undertake their normal duties, due to Ork incursions in the Ultima Segmentum (most likely by Urgok the Unstoppable).

? More recently, they have been involved in operations against Hive Fleet Kraken and the growing Ork empire of Urgok the Unstoppable.

? 999.M41 Third War for Armageddon - single company arrives at the end of the first year of conflict during the Season of Fire and awaits the Season of Shadow to commence hostilities in Warzone Armageddon.
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++Strength In Purity!++

Red Scorpions 4th company

A detailed log can be found Here

» History/Fluff
Brother Captain Maximus

Captain Maximus of the fourth is a charismatic leader, a tactical thinker and devoute servant of the Emperor. Maximus leads from the front, his Relic blade a shimmering instrument of death.

Brother Sergeant Lucius

Sergeant Lucius, a marine of some 182 years old, has served alongside his brother-captain during some of the company?s most prestigious campaigns. He is a cool headed warrior who values the lives of his marines preciously. A stout follower of the Codex Astartes, Lucius posses a great tactical mind. However, his willingness to bend, and often break the rules of the codex has almost brought him to blows with more traditional members of the chapter

Brother Marine "Gothic" Nathaniel

Brother Nathianiel is a fiery tempered marine. In battle he can be found where the fighting is thickest, along with Brother Paullus. Off the battlefield he is a quite man, soft in speech but easily angered.

Brother Marine Paullus

Brother Paullus, like his squadmate Nathaniel, is a vicious warrior. His weapons of choice, dual chainswords, will often he heard where the enemy is most numerous. He is one of the few marines that can enter the training area with Brother Nathaniel and emerge victorious after a bout of full contact sparring.

Brother Sergeant Dio

Brother Sergeant Dio has lead his squad for 32 years. During this time he has inscribed the names of three of his brothers upon the monument on Zaebus Minoris

Brother Marine Protheus

Brother Protheus is a marine of 116 years old. He has been part of what is now Dio Squad for 112 of those years. He is currently the oldest member of the squad. He has outlived two sergeants before Dio and has been offered the position of sergeant before. He declined saying ?let those of a calmer temperament lead. Just show me to the enemy?.
While his armour is covered in damage, he has never had it repaired by the chapter?s artificers. Therefore, his power armour carries over 100 years of damage, making the amount of damage relatively tiny.
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