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drunken tau tau Warhammer 40k -
» drunken tau
my new army list
shas'o w/ cyclic ion blaster missile pod multitracker 2 hardwired shield drones = 137
(3 battle suits all w/ fusion blaster missile pod and targeting array) * 3 = 531
(9 fire warriors w/ devil fish w/ fletcher discharge) * 3 540
(hammer head w/ rail bcan mtracker fletchdis distrup decoylauncher) * 3 = 540
total = 1748
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i dont know the points this is wot i got btw i got no codex yet
fire warriors x 12
carbines x 1

fire warriors x 11
carbines x 6

stealth suit's x 3
i think 2 x burst cannons
and i think fusion blaster or somet the square gun

fast attacks
gun drones x 6

dose anyone got an idea of wot to get next im gessing the etharual thingy hq is rubbish of wot i heard
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Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/22/2012 18:32
Sickness. Crisis?
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tigerworrior's Avatar
05/16/2012 11:36
i might be gettin a battle suit tomorror
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05/06/2012 05:47
never buy the hammer head box buy the skyrail box you get everything you need in it to make a hammer head and you got everything to make a sky rail just to let people know
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Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
04/03/2012 17:16
Get a Crisis commander Shas'o. It'll help. as well as maybe one or two just elite Crisis suits. Maybe a Hammerhead with a Railgun and you'd be set to put a hurt on ppl. Btw, it is a Fusion Blaster.
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