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Zodd,s Iron Heads Necrons Warhammer 40k 1500
» Zodd,s Iron Heads
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HQ; Overlord w/ Orb and Gauntlet of Fire
Troop; Warriors 9 pcs
Troop; Warriors 15 pcs
Dedicated; Ghost Ark
Elite; Death Marks 5 psc
Lychguards w/Warscythes 5 psc
Fast; Scarabs 10 pcs
Heavy; Monolith 2 pcs
Annihilation Barge
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02/23/2012 10:01
Obviously as this is a small army i could recommend alot.

1. Warscythe the Overlord and give him every option. This makes him perhaps the most menacing single model in the game, and i love anyone that tries to dispute this. He is 265 points topped out though.

2. Have 9 warriors in the Ghost Ark and captain them with a Lord w/ Rez Orb.

3. Try and get some more warriors for the other group and either do that same as before (Ghost Ark / Lord) or have a larger group of 15-20

4. Deathmarks are crap...... However a group of 9 with a Cryptek of Despair will allow them to constantly deepstrike around the map, Marking and Killing small groups of enemies. Or single out your enemies HQ (unless its a vehicle)

5. More Scarabs.... Scarabs IMO are perhaps the best Anti-Tank in the game. Dont forget their 18inch assault range and Entropic Strike. 2 groups of 5-6 is a good amount.

6. Monolith is good for hiding your troops behind or simply hide your troops in a building some where until the monolith is sat on an objective..... then pile out

7. Annihilation barge is a cheap, awesome infantry killer. Command Barge can be used to have your Overlord 'sweep' over vehicles and destroy them with sickly ease..... then the underslug gun fires at something, while your overlord disembarks and assaults something else.

8. I would recommend some Lychguards or Praetorians. Keep the Rod of Covenants and Switch to hyperphase swords and Shields..... Awsome Termy killers. Have a lord follow them around with a warscythe and the group is also an efficient tank killer.

9. Imotehk..... Just get him...... When it comes to fighting against a shooty army like Tau or Eldar where most of their guns out range you then dim the lights and march forward. Your kill range is around 18-24" so get in close and unload..... Unless your against Orks / Tyranids. Inwhich case leave Imotehk at home and take Trayzn.

10. Doomsday Ark. Its a big gun........WARNING. Do not use Imotekh and the Doomsday in the same army. Otherwise your Doomsday Ark is useless for obvious reasons.

Let me know if I can help with any more Necron Lists. Ive been playing Necron for a while now and have about a 90% win rate

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