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1. Targaal's Night Lord Exiles
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Targaal's Night Lord Exiles Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k -
» Targaal's Night Lord Exiles
My Crow Lord is my jet-pack Chaos Lord. He has a lightning claw and a combi-flamer. He is my quick strike commander that will deep strike with a squad of raptors and inflict massive damage on infantry and with melta-bombs, tanks. The Crow Lord holds his Raptor squads as his Elite warriors. He will go to battle accompanied by his greatest Raptor Champions slaughtering all that stand before him.
My Chaos Captain has Terminator Armour and a pair of lightning claws. I use hi to disrupt heavy armor and heavy infantry. The Chaos Captain has command of the Night Lords' ship the "Mortis Maxis". He is a skilled veteran of countless void wars and rarely goes onto the ground. But when he does, his Atramentar quards go with him and the enemy will die.
My Chaos Lieutenant is a World Eater ally. This is a small sect of Khorne Berzerkers and he is their leader who I use with a khornate demon weapon and a twin-linked bolter. The sect joined the Night Lords because they were stranded and needed transport. The Night Lords took them in and are now uneasy allies with them.
» Army Details
Chaos Crow Lord (High Lord)
Chaos Captain Saarkal (Medium Lord)
Khornate Chaos Lieutenant Morteus (Lesser Lord)
Chosen Squad
Revered Brother-Dreadnought Malcharion
Atramentar Terminators
Mutated Warriors
World Eaters Squad
Night Lords Squad
Night Lords Squad
Fast Attack-
Raptor Squad
Raptor Squad
Heavy Support-
» History/Fluff
My Chosen are a 10 man squad of the pure blooded Nostramans. This squad is one of the last of its kind, holding true to the beliefs of Konrad Curze. They serve the Crow Lord until the death and are the most loyal of his warriors apart from his Raptors.
My Dreadnaught is armed with a missle launcher, a heavy flamer, and a power fist. It is used in support of my Chosen Squad. Revered Brother-Dreanaught Malrazus has served since the Night Haunter took up the Night Lords Legion. He rose through the ranks and became sergeant of the Chosen Squad Malrazus. He was interred into a dreadnaught after a Leman Russ struck his squad in the early stages of the Horus Heresy.
My Terminators are the hard hitters in my army. Armed with power fists, power weapons, and combi weapons they can annihilate anything in their path. I use themto protect my Chaos Captain and support any squad that requires support. The Atramentar are the most respected warriors in a Night Lord army. In pale white terminator armor and armed with the most destructive weapons available, these warriors are used as body guards for respected Chaos Lords.
My Possessed are the cannon fodder. Night Lords have the supposed "uncorrupted" gene-seed. So when a mutation appears it must be purged. These warriors rush at the front of the army sent to die with honor taking as many enemies as they can.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
My World Eater Squad
My Night Lord Squad
My Night Lord Squad (2)
» Fast Attack
My Raptors
My Raptors (2)
» Heavy Support
My Vindicator
My Havocs
» What I want to add-on
I want more Raptors for my army as they are my most valuable asset during games.
I want a few more Chosen as they are a pretty fun type of unit. I want to have a few more normal Chaos Marines, preferably about 25 more.
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