Evisceration Wraiths

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Army Name Race Game System Points
Evisceration Wraiths Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
» Evisceration Wraiths
Total of 1499pts


Daemon Prince:
-Close Combat Weapon
-Mark Of Nurgle
-Wind Of Chaos

Daemon Prince:
-Close Combat Weapon
-Mark Of Tzeench
-Wind Of Chaos
-Bolt Of Change


6 Chosen:
-Power Armor
-6 Flamers
-Rhino (extra armor, dozer blade)
218 pts


Chaos Space Marines:
(10 in each squad)

Squad 1
-2 Flamers
-1 Power Fist (Champ)

Squad 2
-2 Flamers
-1 Power Fist (Champ)
460 pts

7 Plague Marines:
-2 Meltaguns
231 pts

Heavy Support

3 Obliterators
225 pts
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Undivided army led by two deamon princes, one Nurgle one Tzeench
Very heavy with conversions it is still a work in progress all though its almost done.
Army list below. Fluff to come yet as well as more pictures.
Also working on a digital logo as well as a banner logo.
Any tips, tricks, CC or otherwise is always more than welcome!
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