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Kabal of The Deadly Mist Dark Eldar Warhammer 40k 4000
» Kabal of The Deadly Mist
So, this is the list that I have been using lately. I am loving it on the table, the feel of the list is fantastic and the synergy of the units works very well against a great variety of opponents. If you like you can see this list in action on my youtube channel:

So. Here is the list for you who dare to venture within:


Archon (agonizer, splinter pistol, combat drugs, shadowfield, phantasm grenade launcher)

2 x Heamies with liquifiers (each with one of the wych squads)


4 Incubi in Venom Dual Cannon

3 Blasterborn in Venom Dual Cannon


8 Wyches, Hex with Agon, 1 ww (take yer pick), HW grenades
Raider with FF

8 Wyches, Hex with Agon, 1 ww (take yer pick), HW grenades
Raider with FF

5 Warriors Blaster in Raider w/FF
5 Warriors Blaster in Venom Dual Cannon

3 Wracks

Fast Attack/

6 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 Blasters, Champion

Heavy Support/

Ravager FF, NS, 3 lances
Ravager FF, NS, 3 lances

Razorwing, FF, 2 dissies, splinter cannon

Well, thanks a lot for reading though. Of course any comments are appreciated!

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The mist is all around, you can hear your comrades scream yet no one is seen. Strike fast, envelop all and become the unseen nightmare terrors made into a cruel reality. Feast and consume all that oppose your desires.
Some Army Shots 1500pts:

More 1500pts:
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This is just a WIP, but I shall update with additional shots as I work on him. Should be done by the end of the month.
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Check out my podcast as well. This is a blog and podcast all in one. All episodes are clean of language and fit for the entire family. And only 25-35 mins long so that they don't take up much of your day.

Here is the link:
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  • Hellion
  • Archon
  • Incubi
  • Wracks
  • Wyches1
  • Scourge WIP
  • Jetbikes2
  • Jetbikes1
  • Ravager
  • Blaster Trueborn Leaping WIP
  • Razorwing WIP
  • Kabalite Warriors
  • Wych Unit
  • Hellion Gang
  • Heamy with Liquifier
  • The Baron
  • Warrior Raider Tbltp
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Skari's Avatar
10/16/2013 08:05
Thanks for the comment
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Iraqiel's Avatar
04/27/2013 17:17
Hey Skari, loving this army, and especially your podcasts. Keep up the good work!
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Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/07/2012 22:19
very nicely done. I really like how the Archon turned out. Looks nice.
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Skari's Avatar
02/06/2012 15:16
Please feel free to leave me a comment! Much appreciated.
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