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Draigowing Grey Knights Warhammer 40k 1500
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Lord Kaldor Draigo

Warding stave, Quickening, warp rift, sanctuary and shrouding


10 Paladins
Squad 1

5 Paladins
Squad 2

Squad 1 Squad 2
MC Nemesis Force sword Force Halberd
MC Force Halberd Doom Hammer
Doom Hammer Warding Stave
Warding Stave MC Psycannon FH
MC Psycannon FH MC Psycannon NFS
Psycannon NFS
Force Halberd
MC Psycannon DH
MC Psycannon NFS
Nemesis Force sword

This list is purely for giggles, yet to play test it. Hopefully within the next weak or so!
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