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Crimson Fists Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
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Pedro Kantor
5 Scouts
Sniper rifles, ML & CC

5 Scouts
Sniper rifles, ML & CC

5 Scouts
Melta bombs & PW

10 Sternguard
3 Combi weapons & Powerfist
2 Plasma cannons
Razorback TLLC

5 Sternguard
4 Combi weapons & Powerfist
Razorback TLAC


Landspeeder storm
Multi melta

Multi melta

5 Devastators
4 ML's

I wanted my list to be fairly competitive esp within my LFGS and to be as fluffy as possible.
I have used a lot of the forge world pre heresy armour and Iron hands upgrade pack to make it look they had suffered heavily during the attack on rynns world.
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