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1. The Sons of Sanguinius
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The Sons of Sanguinius Blood Angels Warhammer 40k 16000
» The Sons of Sanguinius


930.M41 Day of the Swordwind.
Only the stalwart actions of the Blood Angels 3rd Company preserve Explorator Station Ghosa Prime from the unprovoked fury of the Biel-Tann Eldar.

941.M41 The Second Battle for Armageddon.
Waaagh! Ghazghkull descends upon the hive world of Armageddon. The Blood Angels are one of three Space Marine Chapters to respond. Such is Commander Dante's reputation that Tu'shan of the Salamanders and Marneus Calgar of the Ultra marines cede overall command to him. Fighting is fierce in and around the hive cities, with the determination of the defenders matched only by the unremitting battle-lust of the Orks. The Blood Angels bear the brunt of the close-quarter fighting, chiefly because only the overcharged engines of their Lucifer-class Rhinos can hope to keep pace with the roaming convoys of Ork Trukks and Battlewagons. The tactical manoeuvrability of the Blood Angels proves to be crucial in the later stages of the campaign. The 3rd Company, under the command of the newly promoted Captain Erasmus Tycho, forms the heart of an armoured spearhead that cripples the chief Ork supply lines, leaving the Waaagh I 's Mekboyz without the necessary gubbins and gears to keep the massive Skullhammas and Stompas fully operational. With its 'eavy guns thus neutralised, the Waaagh I is finally broken before the towering walls of Tartarus Hive, where Dante and Tu'shan famously fight side by side against Ghazghkull's bodyguard.

955.M41 The Gehenna Campaign.
Commander Dante and the 3rd Company battle against the Necron Legions of the Silent King amidst the dusty wastes of Gehenna. For three weeks, neither side can seize the upper hand, with Dante's tactical brilliance stretched to its limits in countering the time-space manipulations of the Silent King.
The stalemate is broken only when a Tyranid splinter fleet enters orbit, forcing the two armies to break off hostilities and fight the common foe. The impromptu alliance proves to be the Tyranids' undoing. Following the final battle at Devil's Crag, Dante and the Silent King go their separate ways,
both forces now too battleworn to guarantee victory over the other, and, at least for the Blood Angels, the idea of turning on those they had so recently fought alongside, a rather distasteful one.

995.M41 Beheading the Serpent.
Tycho's 3rd Company is one of many Space Marine strike forces that responds to the threat of Hive Fleet Jormungandr. Though Tycho leads his Battle-Brothers to several crucial victories, so reckless are his tactics that the Sanguinary Priests begin to fear for his sanity.

998,M41 The Third Battle for Armageddon.
Ghazghkull returns to the arid world at the head of another, vaster Waaaghl Over two dozen Space Marine Chapters respond this time, which is fortunate as the Blood Angels are forced to deploy much of their strength against the growing threat of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Nonetheless, honour demands that the Chapter provides assistance to beleaguered Armageddon and Dante sends his 3rd Company and a generous complement of support units. In the course of the campaign. Captain Tycho finally succumbs to the Black Rage and dies a valiant death on the outer walls of Hive
Tempestora. Command of the 3rd Company passes to Galan Machiavi.


"Blood calls out to blood. so they say, Let us
spill that of our enemies with all due haste.
that we may hear its cry all the clearer,"
- Sergeant Arcula. Blood Angels 3rd Company

"When war is eternal. the blood of the foe
is the only coin that can enrich a warrior.
and the glory of victory holds the only hope
of final redemption."
- Brother Zargo. Blood Angels 3rd Company

Force Roster

Captain Machiavi
Chaplain Tiberius
Sanguinary Priest Phaelon
Honor Guard

Sgt. Decimus – Tactical Squad 1
Sgt. Arcula – Tactical Squad 2
Sgt. Nereus – Tactical Squad 3
Sgt. Quintus – Tactical Squad 4
Sgt. Gaius – Tactical Squad 5
Sgt. Karpos – Tactical Squad 6

Sgt. Marcus – Assault Squad 1
Sgt. Kallias – Assault Squad 2

Sgt. Galenos – Devastator Squad 1
Sgt. Alcaeus – Devastator Squad 2

Dreadnoughts: Ares, Zeus

Support Units:
6th Company Bike Squad 1 - Sgt. Claudius
6th Company Bike Squad 2 - Sgt. Julius
6th Company Bike Squad 3 - Sgt. Valerian
1st Company Vanguard Veteran Squad 1 - Sgt. Aetos
1st Company Vanguard Veteran Squad 2 - Sgt. Kiron
1st Company Terminator Squad 1 - Sgt. Thaddeus
1st Company Terminator Squad 2 - Sgt. Damian
1st Company Terminator Squad 3 - Sgt. Zeth
1st Company Terminator Squad 4 - Sgt. Evander
1st Company Terminator Squad 5 - Sgt. Proteus
1st Company Terminator Squad 6 - Sgt. Bastiaan
1st Company Terminator Squad 7 - Sgt. Gideon
1st Company Terminator Squad 8 - Sgt. Avram
1st Company Terminator Squad 9 - Sgt. Lorenzo
1st Company Terminator Squad 10 - Sgt. Zarek
10th Company Scout Squad 1 - Sgt. Gordian
10th Company Scout Squad 2 - Sgt. Leon
10th Company Scout Squad 3 - Sgt. Donicus
10th Company Scout Squad 4 - Sgt. Otho
10th Company Scout Squad 5 - Sgt. Barrius

2 Sanguinary Guard Units
1 more Honor Guard Unit
2 Stormravens
Land Speeder Units Alpha through Delta
2 Vindicators
3 Baal Predators
3 Predators
2 Whirlwinds
2 Land Raiders
2 Furioso Dreadnoughts: Moriar, Thor
2 Furioso Librarians: Zeddicus, Alatar
10 Chaplains
4 Librarians

Chief Librarian Mephiston, Lord of Death
Commander Dante
Captain Tycho
Chaplain Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost
The Sanguinor
High Chaplain Astorath the Grim, Redeemer of the Lost
Brother Corbulo, Sanguinary High Priest


(and now my custom-made character)

Captain Galan Machiavi, Commander of the Blood Angels 3rd Company - 234 points


•Assault Grenades
•Krak Grenades
•Ancient Weapon (Relic Blade, also counts as a Close Combat Weapon for Machiavi)
•Bolt Pistol
•Artificer Armor
•Iron Halo

Special Rules
•Independent Character
•Furious Charge
•Preferred Enemy
•And They Shall Know No Fear
•Grants the entire army Stubborn

Battle Company Commander
Captain Galan Machiavi is the Commander of the 3rd Battle Company, meaning he is constantly in the presence of Tactical Marines. When Captain Machiavi is included in your army, it must also include at least one Tactical Squad consisting of 10 Marines with a Rhino dedicated transport.
» Army Details
(Please excuse this page, it is under construction)

I am finally getting my Blood Angels Third Company finalized, and this will be the perfect place to debut it.

Since 1996 I have collected Blood Angels, and I have stuck with them through thick and thin. In 2008 I nearly gave up and moved to Codex: Space Marines after several bad codex attempts until I heard my beloved army was getting an actual stand-alone codex in April 2010. I'm glad I kept my army because the new book is a lot of fun. It's fluffy, balanced, and overall really cool.

Stay tuned as I add pictures and completely update my army! Also please note that my army is NOT fully painted. I have never been one to paint before playing because I really enjoy the game. Furthermore, I now have a 10MP 5x Zoom Nikkon "Coolpix". So, needless to say my pictures are going to get a LOT better.
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
10/15/2011 13:39
Pretty impressive, nice stuff there.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/15/2011 07:25
What is it with Blood Angels players and huge collections?
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dbgoldberg323's Avatar
07/24/2011 06:53
@ JAMOB - Thanks! Yeah, I have a crap ton of minis, and in fact I just purchased about $800 more when the new dex came out last year. I'm up to my ears in figs, so now I just need to get it all built and painted. @[email protected]
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JAMOB's Avatar
06/19/2011 09:16
Wait, so you have more than 3 companies worth of units? What? Just wondering do you have all of those support units?
Amazing army though, youve been collecting since I was born! Im a bit late, starting in v3.
Well done.
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dbgoldberg323's Avatar
03/22/2011 04:57
@Quozzo - Actually, that Blood Angels Logo is one GW made, I just found it. Fantasy Flight Games has a lot of high-res images of the chapter logos and stuff floating around in their PDF's, and Google is nice for images too.

@Doelago - Thanks! I just spent like $800 more on stuff I shouldn't have, so I will be adding plenty once it's all built!
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Doelago's Avatar
02/13/2011 07:53
Impressive. Most impressive.
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Quozzo's Avatar
02/08/2011 15:46
That army logo is amazing! did you make it yourself?
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