The Norvan resistance

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The Norvan resistance Imperial Coallition Warhammer 40k -
» The Norvan resistance
During the opening years of the 42nd millenium the Centaurus crusade was launched into the Centaurus arm cluster to try and bring the Centaur worlds back into imperial hands. During the thirteenth black crusade many of the defensive forces in the region were stripped away to aid in the defence of the Cadian system. And it was at this point that the Alpha legion struck. Combining infiltration of the various systems with careful manipulation of alien agressors in the sector, the Centaur worlds were thrown into anarchy.
By the time the liberation crusade had arrived the region more closely resembled one of the lawless regions than an imperial system.
The crusade was comprised of a great many imperial guard regiments and space marine companies and operated under the orders of grand warlord Rothan.

Three years into the crusade the imperial forces forged a decisive attack against the former imperial fabricator world of Norvan. Enough ground troops and ships to secure the tactically vital world and speed the crusade's conclusion. A massive space battle raged in the space around the planets of the system. But whilst loyalist forces made planetfall Chaos vessels and ork mercenaries that had remained hidden when the battle began launched a massive and crippling counterattack on the gathered imperial fleet.
The vessels of the imperial battlegroup were destroyed, as were a great many of the Imperial forces which were still to embark their drop ships and make planetfall. The counterblow forced the whole crusade to stall and readdress the battlefront.

Alone on Norvan, and with no hope of receiving any support or supplies in the near future, the imperial forces consolidated and went underground. With the help of local resistance cells the seperate factions of the imperial forces have pooled together and begun launching a guerilla campaign against the heretic forces of the planet.

The Cells
Spread across the planet the resistance cells have been reinforced with soldiers from the crusade force. As such no two cells are structured the same and most contain a variety of different imperial regiments or space marine battle brothers.

During this new phase of the war, the resistance are putting a lot of hope into being able to destabilise and finally oust the archenemy from the world using whatever means are available.
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Okay i've been wanting to do an imperial army for a long time and i've started several only for them to end up as members of my chaos cultist units or being converted into chaos marines. The problem is that i simply don't have the willpower to sit and paint 100+ models exactly the same way, that's why until now i've stuck with orks and chaos.

However i've come up with a compromise and in the new year i'm going to attempt to build up an army based around the background story i've written below. This means that i'll be able to work on a series of different regiments and marines chapters without worrying too much about force organisation. I'll probabley only be fielding them in apocalypse games anyway.
» History/Fluff
Knights Extremis
Excelling at high speed hit and run attacks the Knights Extremis have joined up with the Ferissian Mobile attack battalion and are performing a series of hit and run attacks against exposed small targets and convoys. Towns and villages which used to once be peaceful havens before the archenemy arrived are rocked by the sounds of engines. The knights ride through and wipe out any opposition they find before retreating and moving on to another target.
Force: Unknown size
Status: Active
Zone: northern and equatorial continents, wastelands

White Panthers
Members of the White Panthers' forth company managed to make planetfall but have remained isolated from other imperial forces. Led by Captain Pardus Felidborn and supported by members of his own company as well as those of the first and tenth the Panthers remain aloof whilst eliminating traitors within the equatorial jungles.
Force: Less than one company
Status: Active
Zone: Equatiorial Jungles

Knights of Blood
Though not officially sanctioned to be present on the planet, there have been several sightings of a single predator bearing the marking's of this renegade chapter. They lend support to beleaguered imperial forces and then dissappear just before the conclusion of the fight. Attempts to track them have been unsuccessful.
Force: Suspected only a single vehicle
Status: Unknown
Zone:Western Desert
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Vengrossian 32nd Armoured Company, "The Ash Bandits"
The Vengrossians were one of the large tank companies that were being deployed around and into the cities bordering the western desert. When their cruiser went down they had already begun deployment. Since then they have been running on stolen fuel and mechanical parts, launching armoured raids where they can bring the might of their armour to bare.
Force: Demi Company
Status: Active
Zone: Western Desert
» Imperial allies
Temple Assassins
It is unknown how many operatives the Officio Assassinorum had attached to the crusade forces or how many died in orbit but if the fireside stories are to be believed then it seems likely that several made planetfall.
Strength: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Zone: Unknown

Sorrow Hornet mercenaries
The sorrow hornets are a mercenary organisation with strong ties to both the inquisition and the Logis Stratis branch of the administratum. Sources vary as to where the Hornets acquired their knights but wherever they came from, it has cemented the organisationís success. Itís unsure who was directing them when they made planetfall on Norvan. What is apparent is that the imperial defenders have benefitted from the protection of the knights.
Strength: Knight household and platoon strength of mercenary infantry.
Status: Active
Zone: Factory District, Indusidor city
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04/17/2014 20:24
I so know what you meen, orks are so forgiving to paint. I find Eldar great in the role of contrast to my orks since their aspects have unique schemes.

This is a great idea and I'll be keeping an eye open for updates. Have you any thought on what boxes you are going to get or do you already have some that is beeing painted?
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