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1. Kaptain Grognak's Outlaws
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Kaptain Grognak's Outlaws Orks Warhammer 40k -
» Kaptain Grognak's Outlaws
Conversions: Pics will be up eventually. Most of the conversions consist of adding bitz.

The kommandos I added combos of stikk bombs, knifes, axes, sluggas, and backpacks to their backs. The Nob, I added two choppas, a back pack with spyglass, mine, and stikkbombs, this is my Snikrot proxy.

The Flash Gitz I took some AOBR nobs and Nob Kombi weapons from the Nob box and added bits of eldar weapons with some greeen stuff. They are about hald done.

Nob with Big Choppa- I took the kopta blades and cut them then glued togther 2 to make a really long blade.

The Big Mek- I had a lot of fun with this one. I used an AOBR nob and took bits from the SM devastator box; teleport homer, power pack for plasma cannon, spot light, and the Antenna. Then I took the Grabba Klaw from the BW kit and stuck it on his back, then started glueing on bits for the Kustom Force Field. I used the grot zappa from a Rutherd for a Choppa, Finally I added the Mekboy toolkit from the loota box. This guy represents the Kaptain's chief mekboy, who is constantly looting for parts for his shop.
» Army Details
This is my Ork warband, I love to play orks, their unreliable, crazy but always fun. I tend to play my lists based on what I feel like trying out that day or fun models instead of optimized lists. During my move I lost about a quarter of my army and had to replace some with converted models.
This is the current models that I own:
1 Converted Big Mek - Giant Power Klaw and Kustom Force Field
1 Big Mek - Kustom Force Field
1 Big Mek - Shokk attack Gun
3 AOBR Warbosses
2 Weirdboyz
1 Converted Big Mek - Giant Power Klaw and Kustom Force Field
80 Ork Boyz
20 Lootas
20 Burnas
3 Mek Boyz with Kustom Mega Blastas
4 Rokkit launcha Boyz
10 Big Shoota Boyz
15 Kommandos - Converted from AOBR boyz
1 Kommando Nob - Converted AOBR Nob I use as Snikrot
15 Nobz - 6 Power Klaws, 4 Big Choppas, 5 Regular
1 Painboy with Grot Orderlie
9 Deff Koptas - all Twin Rokkits, sometimes proxy as bikerz
5 Flash Gitz - Half done converted from the nobz
9 Killa Kanz- 2x Rokkit, 3x Grotzooka, 3x Skorchas, Big Shoota
15 Storm Boys-
1 Storm Nob - Used extra bits to form a rokkit pack
Boss Zagstruk
30 Grotz- 3 Rutherds
2 Storm Grots - These are mini mascots made from the stormboy grots with thier own rokkit packs.
1 Ammo Grot
Three Battle Wagons - Standard Kannon, big shoota. Need to get deffrolla kit.
» History/Fluff
This is one 1500pt foot slogging army list I use now and then. I constantly change up my lists, some times based on if they all died or not the previous battle I won't use them in the next, except plain boys. Since I lost about 60 boys in the move I can't field as many right now.
1 Big Mek KFF, Eavy Armour, PK 115
15 Lootas 3 Meks - 3x Rokkits 240
15 Burnas 3 Meks - 3x Kustom Mega Blastas 225
15 Kommandos Nob w/B Choppa, Big Shoota 170
30 Ork Boyz Nob w/PK 215
30 Ork Boyz Nob w/PK 215
15 Grotz Rutherd 55
Fast Attack:
15 Storm Boyz Boss Zagstruk 265
136 Models 1500pts Total
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