Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army (Um-XXI-ExAr)

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Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army (Um-XXI-ExAr) Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k -
» Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army (Um-XXI-ExAr)
» Modelling and Conversion Information
2nd section of the Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army, taking the role of a mixed section with both infantry and armour.

CiC: Cpt. Ellyn Rypley
Commisars: Henrich Fielders,
Platoons: Blue, Red
Vehicles: 2X Chimeras, 1X Valkyrie, 1X Hellhound

» Section 3, Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army
3rd section of the Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army, forming the scouting and light assault forces of the Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army

CiC: Cpt. Kyle Biehn
Commisars: Alecks Murphy,
Platoons: Yellow, Green, White
Vehicles: 1X Armoured Sentinel

» Section 4, Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army
4th section of the Umerian 21st, providing the Heavy Support elements of the Umerian 21st.

CiC: Cpt. Luke Devroe
Commisars: Jean Sparten,
Advisors: Tech Priest Gregory Deforge
Troops: 2X Veteran squads
Vehicles: 2X Basilisk, 3X Leman Russ

» Section 5, Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army
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  • Blue Platoon, 2nd Section
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