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1. Iron Wolves
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» Iron Wolves
The Iron Wolves are fairly new warband to the realm of Chaos, they were once the pride of a Space Marine Chapter named New Ultra, every one of them a veteran of the Chapter. It was the company Librarian, Balkor Wolf, who fell first to the temptations of Tzeentch, and slowly he began to manipulate one of the veteran sergeants, his brother Dalkray Wolf, towards Chaos and its many promises of glory.

It was when a strike team of the veteran company was returning from a successful mission that the treachery began. After months of hard work a majority of the marines were willing to serve the Chaos gods, catching those that were loyal by complete surprise in a sudden uprising aboard the strike cruiser New Dawn. The fierce fighting continued for hours, nearly a full half of the veteran company betrayed their chapter in the name of Chaos.

By the end of the fighting only the traitors were left standing, Librarian Balkor and Sergeant Dalkray both claiming to be the new commanders of the warband. Balkor had completely offered himself to the god Tzeentch, but Dalkray had not gone unnoticed, the moment he put down the company commander he quickly got the attention of Khorne. Tzeentch was not happy about this at all, and although Dalkray now worshipped Khorne, Tzeentch left his mark on his helmet for it was he who first led these marines to Chaos.

From here the renegade strike cruiser headed for the warpstorm, Two brothers now bitter rivals over leadership of the warband, 35 Marines sworn to chaos, two Rhinos and a Predator tank as well as large selection of weaponry at their disposal to cause havoc against the Imperium. First though they will need a much larger force and wasted no time in offering their special weapons in return for troops to join their dark crusade.
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This is currently under development, I have just started building a Chaos Space Marine army which for now is named Iron Wolves (Subject to change, although I kinda like the name) I want to make this army quite fluffy, I have no intentions on playing any tournament games but that could change in the future.

Anyway watch this space, I only have one squad of marines at the moment but next month I will be buying the battleforce which will really give me a nice little army to start off with.
» History/Fluff
So this section is going to be everything my Chaos army consists of and planned expansions to it.

Chaos Lord Dalkray Wolf
Power Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades


9 Chaos Space Marines
Power Armour, 5 Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Melta Gun, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades

Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Planned Expansions
15 Chaos Space Marines (Battleforce)
5 Possessed Marines (Battleforce)
8 Khorne Berserkers (Battleforce)
2 Rhinos (1 From Battleforce)
1 Predator Tank
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-None as of yet-
» Iron Wolves Warband Composition
Balkor Wolf - Sorcerer of the Iron Wolves and responsible for turning most of the Veteran company of New Ultra towards Chaos. Supports Tzeentch.

Dalkray Wolf - Brother of Balkor Wolf and self proclaimed Chaos Lord, he constantly argues with Balkor over leadership, has the head of his once Company commander impaled on a spike attached to his backpack. He is cursed with a mark of Tzeentch but is loyal to Khorne.

Squad 'Anios' - 10 man strong Chaos Space Marine Squad, equipped with bolters and grenades, they have no allegiance to any particular god.

Squad 'Bleros' - 10 man strong Chaos Space Marine Squad, equipped with bolt pistol and chainswords. Commanded by Aspiring Champion 'Sull Bled'. Supports the Chaos God Khorne.

Squad 'Conuos' - 8 man strong Khorne Berserker Squad, equipped with bolt pistol and chainaxe. Commanded by Skull Champion 'Isler Banic'. The only ones to survive the lobotomisation from Marines to Berserkers.

2 Rhino Transports
1 Predator

Special Weapons
1 Heavy Bolter
1 Plasma Gun
1 Melta Gun
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