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Black Templars Shadow Squad 5 Black Templars Warhammer 40k 2270
» Black Templars Shadow Squad 5
Long ago a lava world called Ahsak (now destroyed) hosted the greatest Templar warsmith ever, his name- Ezeikel Doomhammer. Little was known about Doomhammer but he created a peice of brilliant power armour before power armour had been invented. He forged this armour in the deepest caverns of mount doom.
The armours outside was stricken with splits full of molten lava. Doomhammer passed the armour down to his family of the Imperial fists chapter and Black Templars. The handing down of this armour was very low key and not many ever heard of it. Until one day when Nerrak Doomhammer was held Emperors champion of the Black Templars 5th Shadow Squad, on that day he was also presented the Doomhammer family herald: Ezeikels armour. After being presented with perhaps the best armour in the space marine universe, It was supposed that Emperors Champion
Nerrak Doomhamme would never fall...
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-Higher Marshal, Stein Overbeing
-Emporers Champion, Nerrak Doomhammer (Rogars elder brother)
-Marshal, Octavien Thengel
-Castellan, Rogar Doomhammer

5 man sword brethren terminator squad, Corvus
Ven Dreadnought,Cortez-9

5 man crusader squad, Kraegus
6 man crusader squad, Soltan
5 man crusader squad, Acutus
5 man crusader squad, Aurio

Fast Attack-
5 man assault squad, Sparta-7

Heavy Support-
Land raider crusader, Ixion-3

Thats it but I will build on it (need more vehicles!).
» History/Fluff
My army has captured a few creatures along its crusade for interrogation,here are some (I do not use them in games!)

Tyranid possessed genestealer (picture at bottom)

» Images
  • E Champion side.
  • Lava base on E Champion.
  • E Champions Black Sword.
  • Assault squad captain, Agorath
  • Agorath-Assault captain side
  • Asgorath-Assault ct. Lava Base.
  • Asgorath & Nerrak Doomhammer
  • Asgorath & Nerrak Doomhammer 2
  • E Champion- Nerrak Doomhammer Front/Side
  • Nerrak Doomhammer Lava Back
  • Tyranid genestealer
  • Tyranid genestealer
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darklord3667's Avatar
11/05/2011 22:48
personally i think your army has enough vehicles already.XD
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jaysen's Avatar
10/16/2011 05:16
Psychic lava FTW! Nice effects. Is there a full army pic in the works?
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