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1. Strike Force Resolute
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Strike Force Resolute Space Marines Warhammer 40k 3000
» Strike Force Resolute
Captain Marcus Decius Regulus

His Praetors
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Lead by Marcus Decius Regulus, Strike Force Resolute includes the bulk of the 3rd Company Imperial Fists and attached elements. When required, the strike force often breaks into smaller command structures (task forces) to carry out the Emperor's will across the galaxy.

» History/Fluff
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Roma Irae (Rome's Wrath)

Led by Veteran Sergeant Minius Octavia Galeo

The Scourge of The Vengeful Spirit

Led by Sergeant Volero Octavia Canus

Honored Brother Gaius Decius Avitus
» Troops
1st Squad (Tactical)

Led by Sergeant Quintus Decius Natta

2nd Squad (Tactical)

Led by Sergeant Titus Decius Calidus

6th Squad (Tactical)

Led by Sergeant Aulus Decius Severus.

The 14th Induction Squad (Attached)

Lead by Sergeant Appius Salvia Seneca
» Fast Attack
7th Squad (Assault)

Led By Sergeant Gnaeus Decius Corvinus

Land Speeder Storm
» Heavy Support
10th Squad (Devastator)

Led by Sergeant Lucius Decius Malleolus
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  • Strike Force Resolute
  • Captain Marcus Decius Regulus
  • Praetors
  • 1st Squad (Tactical)
  • 2nd Squad (Tactical)
  • 6th Squad (Tactical)
  • 7th Squad (Assault)
  • The 14th Induction Squad (Attached)
  • Land Speeder Storm
  • Roma Irae (Attached)
  • The Scourge of The Vengeful Spirit (Attached)
  • Honored Brother Gaius Decius Avitus
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Iraqiel's Avatar
04/27/2013 17:31
Nice job, what a well put together army! How have they fared on the table?
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 01:19
Did you start with black primer, then iyanden darksun, then golden yellow?
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jaysen's Avatar
07/21/2011 03:42
Very nice. I've tried in the past to paint Fists and it's not easy getting the yellow to come out realistic. I did find that a brown wash can be used for recesses in armor and vehicles. Also, graveyard earth mixes well with the golden yellow colors in order to make shadow or muddy armor.
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Minizke1's Avatar
05/19/2011 22:27
Outstanding job, and an awesome collection. My only suggestion is using some sort of weathering powder to give their armor a bit of an aged look. Otherwise, fantastic job.
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Grinnsira's Avatar
02/10/2011 13:20
I love the lava patterns on the weapons. The termies look sweet, love the shields. I like the individual detail that you added to each unit. Nice job on the scouts.
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