The Eternal Crusade

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Tash'var Cadre
Army Name Race Game System Points
The Eternal Crusade Black Templars Warhammer 40k 6000
» The Eternal Crusade
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20 Command Squad Initiates
15 Command Squad Terminators

16 Assault Terminators
16 Shooty Terminators
1 Venerable Dreadnought
3 Dreadnoughts

30 Initiates with Close Combat Weapons
20 Initiates with Bolters
30 Neophytes

3 Rhinos
2 Razorback

16 Assault Marines
2 Assault bikes
3 Land Speeder Typhoon
1 Land Speeder

2 Predator Destructor
2 Predator Annihilator
2 Vindicator
2 Land Raider Crusader
1 Land Raider Godhammer (guess I really need to get a second one here to follow the trend in my Heavy Support)
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