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Hive Fleet Titanas Tyranids Warhammer 40k 1000
» Hive Fleet Titanas
Hive tyrant- venom cannon, lash whip, bone sword, hive commander, paroxysm, leach essence and thorax swarm- desicator lavae.



16 termagants- fleshborers, 1 strangleweb
10 hormagant
3 tyranid warriors- 2 deathspitters, barbed strangler.
5 ripper bases- tunnel swarm

Heavy support
Carnifex- venom cannon, crushing claws, frag spines and bio plasma.
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The Hive fleet titanas was the first army I collected, and is curently one of the most sucsessful armys at my gaming club, having won over 50% of its battles.
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My carnifex has often come under scrutiney as being a point sink with no real use. From now on however I point out the time it managed to slaughter its way through a Ork truk, a mob of storm boyz, a mob of biker boyz, and a mob of 4 killa kans. In two turns, the explosions from the walkers tearing through the Orks but leaving the big bug unharmed.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
One of the few surviving splinter fleets of hive fleet Behemoth, but after all this time it has become something, different….

On the remote imperial forge world, three armies epically clashed, an Ork WAAAGH!, a Tau infiltration force and Tyranid Hive Fleet Titanus, all battling for possession of an abandoned yet still functional manufacturing sector of the forge world.

Through overwelming numbers the tyranids managed to wrest control of the manafactorims away from the Orks, crippling the inflow of deadly warmachines that made up the bulk of the Waagh.

With the ork finished the tyranids attacked the tau savagly. It took nearly a year for the fighting to end, the tyranids seamingly hell bent on the death of every last tau.
» other options
with my core 1000 points set up, I can attach other units around the strong core.

15 Genestelers and a broodlord- very good if i'm facing imperial guard or if i'm in an apocolyps game

carnifex- because 2 big bugs are better than 1, terrifys guard like nothing else.

10 gargoyles- to be honest, these can replace the rippers in the main list, they both deep strike and rippers arn't scoring units so I dont lose anything there. Good for anoying the heavy hitters.

Hyper tyrant- If I have points to burn this is where I go. A hive tyrant with armoured shell, acid blood, toxic miasma, lash whip, bone sword, adrenalin glands, toxin sacs, implant attack, old adverserary, regeneration, and a heavy venom cannon. Its 345 points of pure bug-shaped pain that can waste CC monsters like wraithlords, warbosses and other hive tyrants.
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02/07/2011 12:25
Ive tried to upload some, but I guess I'll have to try some smaller pics.
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02/07/2011 12:24
it's always awesome to have a successful army in a gaming club!! Will there be pics?
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