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Blades of Angron Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 3000
» Blades of Angron
-Doing a bit of a re plan of my army. Still Chaos, but a few nasty surprises in store

-Planning to strip most of my army
-Working on a 1850 list for 40k Nationals next year
-Building a Darth Vader Chaos Sorcerer
» Army Details
I started playing Chaos with World Eaters as my theme. After experimenting with every troop choice, I decided that Berzerkers and Noise Marines fit my play style more then the other troops did. With Kharn as my HQ, Berzerkers as my troops, and a Defiler as my Support Ive got quite a crazy army :p
» History/Fluff
Current fluffy list I'm using for our Club's competition List is 1850

Abaddon the Despoiler = 275 points

8 Thousand Sons
1 Aspiring Sorcerer
TOTAL: 289 points

8 Khorne Berzerkers
Skull Champion
-Power Weapon
TOTAL: 203 points

6 Noise Marines
-5x Sonic Blasters
TOTAL: 220 points

7 Chaos Bikers
-2x Meltaguns
-Icon of Nurgle
Biker Champion
-Power Fist
TOTAL: 341 points

2x Obliterators = 150 points

2x Obliterators = 150 points

Chaos Land Raider = 220 points
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Photo's are planned to go here at some point
Don't forget to check back!
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Dawnstar's Avatar
11/21/2011 07:27
Pic's of the Noise Marine's I can manage Expect them sometime within the next week or so

The rest of the army is in a bit of a state at the moment, in various stages of being repainted. I plan on repainting my Chaos as Red Corsairs over Christmas/New Year.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/15/2011 07:35
Cool list, but need pics. I love noise marines.
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Stephen_Newman's Avatar
09/21/2011 12:44
I like this army.

On your idea of a Darth Vader sorceror I once saw a good one made from a Mephiston model that had been painted black with the head of a normal Space Marine (he chose the one with piping across the main part of the face)
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Dawnstar's Avatar
09/19/2011 01:51
Why thank you good sir
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chaos_warrior_marine's Avatar
09/15/2011 12:03
Nice army you got here! It is begging for a like!
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Dawnstar's Avatar
07/13/2011 09:33
Procrastination strikes again!
Due to 40k/RL/School I havn't had the time/effort really.

Gonna be painting this weekend though, so I'll drag a camera out from it's hidy-hole and take some pics to post
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LukeValantine's Avatar
07/07/2011 01:31
You horrible bastard, where are the beautiful pictures of your glorious army?
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Dawnstar's Avatar
02/06/2011 01:49
Thanks Dorantana

Guys, I will try to have some pictures up this weekend, and I will definitly have some by next weekend

Be sure to check back
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Dorantana's Avatar
02/05/2011 23:40
Dawnstar, being a fellow heretic i agree with you completely! I run 2 Squads of Plague Marines with 3 squads of Berzerkers. I am a firm believer that as long as the blood flows in prolific amounts and the skulls for the fallen help build the skull throne then Khorne does not care from whom it was given or even how! I also agree that if people want to talk mighty about fluff then they them selves should have said army. Be sure to post some pics soon Sorry about the flame
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Dawnstar's Avatar
02/05/2011 21:59
TheAllFather, the reason I came up with the name "Blades of Angron" is because I kit my Noise Marines for Combat, and surely Khorne dosn't mind help from fellow Chaos as long as the blood still flows and the skulls still fall.

Also TheAllFather, if you have a problem with me using Slaanesh alongside Khorne, I recommend you start your OWN Chaos army instead of imparting your "fluff wisdom" upon me
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HorusReborn's Avatar
02/05/2011 20:19
TheAllFather is wrong... the God's have put aside their pettiness and sided with eachother. Abbaddon's Black Crusades and Horus Lupercal's march on Terra... dude, read some fluff!

Can't wait to see your pics man!
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TheAllFather's Avatar
02/05/2011 18:27
I seriously doubt units belonging to Slaanesh would ever side with those of Khorne. They are immortal enemies who would destroy each other long before they would ever even contemplate an alliance.
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