The Water Gods

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1. The Water Gods
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The Water Gods Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1800
» The Water Gods
Lord Germanus is the core of my Army. He is an independant character that commands his honor squad like a hammer. He often brakes entire infantry stalemates and creates a hole in the enemies lines for division and conquer.

Uses Lord Calgar rules w/ Terminator Armor

Honor Guard:

- 5 Champions(2 Honor Blades, 1 Axe of the Light(uses Axe of Ultramar rules)
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This Army is based off the Ultramarine codex, but has a different backround and is more geared towards a independant chpater like the Space Wolves. Loyal towards the emporer alone, they follow him in an unorthodox way; but are just as zelous as the Inquisition.

"Purity Above All"
"Suffer Not The Alien to Live"
"Eye to Eye"
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