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1. Blood Angels
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Blood Angels Adeptus Astartus Warhammer 40k 8500
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+++Report 235672#c+++ +++3080211.M41+++
+Current Blood Angel numbers as known+

Lord Dante, Mephiston, Corbulo (plus Sanguinary guard)

1st Company
40 terminators (est.)
20 Veteran Marines
10 Dreadnoughts (2 Librarian, 1 death company, 1 contemptor pattern, 1 iron clad, 1 MkI, 4 MkIV)

2nd Company
Brother-Captain Leachus (plus command Rhino)
Command Squad (inc. Lib, Chap, Apoc and Standard)
60 Tactical Marines
20 Assault Marines (inc. Bike squad and Land speeder squad)
20 Devastator Marines

3rd Company

Currently off world

10th Company

3 squads of Five recruits (inc. sgts)
1 Bike recon squad

Mechanized Support
4 Rhinos
3 Land Raiders
4 Predators
4 Vindicators
2 Whirlwind
6 Drop pods
1 Storm Raven
1 Thunderhawk Gunship (under construction. Follow the data feed for more information- )
1 Thunderfire Cannon (on loan from the Angels of Blood Chapter)
1 Ironclad Dreadnought (on loan from the Angels of Blood Chapter)
1 Baneblade (On loan from the Cadians 127th)

Death Company

Currently 19 strong (including 5 jumppack ready) plus Chaplin

+++End of Line+++
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I began Collecting this army when I was 11 way back in 1991. It Started with a box of Mk6 Marines and a rhino. Then 2nd edition came out an that opened the flood gates for me. I bought A terminator Squad and Mk1 Land raider for them to ride in. Been collecting off and on since. As well as my marine I have a large Tyranid force and a fantasy bretonnian army.
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08/05/2012 11:26
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07/31/2012 07:56
A lot of the troops and most of the vehicles are painted. will upload some more recent picsas well as some during combat
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10/16/2011 05:18
Is the army painted? I can't see the pic link.
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