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Walking Wounded Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 4500
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Daemon Prince #1:

Daemon Prince #2:

Daemon Prince #3:



Tsons Terminator Lord:

Nurgle Lord
Nurgle Lord


Terminator Squad #1 (Typhus' Squad):

Terminator Squad #2 (Tsons Squad):


Wurminators (Chosen Chaos Space Marines):


7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines

9x Thousand Sons Detachment
9x Thousand Sons Detachment

Dedicated Transports
8x Rhino's:

Fast Attack


7x Nurgle Bikers:

Blight Drone:

Heavy Support

2x Black Legion Vindicators

Nurgle Vindicator #1:

Nurgle Vindicator #2:

3x Predators

12x Oblits:

2x Defilers
1x Land Raider
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05/11/2012 14:45
Obliterators FTW
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