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1. --The Vanguard of the Eclipse--
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--The Vanguard of the Eclipse-- Necrons Warhammer 40k 6000
» --The Vanguard of the Eclipse--
The Wishmaster is titled this not by others, as most Necrons are, but by his followers, who have openly broadcast themselves to the Imperium, their former home. They are the Pariahs, who wished for something greater, and were delivered- He is their master and the one who grants their wishes. The Wishmaster is a reclaimer of the Pariah gene, the one who will assemble the greatest living psychic null, and use it in the ultimate effort to separate the Warp and the Materium indefinitely. What he plans to do, or what happens when enough bearers of the Pariah gene are brought together in one place, amplified by Necron technology, are unknown, but as is with most things Necron, it most certainly will not be good for the races unfortunate enough to not be counted amongst the Necron ranks. The Wishmaster is the only Lord known to directly communicate with humans, thus suggesting a massive intellect and sapience that Necrons are thought not to possess, suggesting he is more the exception than the rule. These communiques are often little more than threatening blurbs or enticements to the holders of the Pariah gene, though some colonies insist he has visited them personally and that they worship him as the savior of humanity, not the destroyer. These colonies are quickly labeled heretics and xenophiles and exterminated. Whether these colonies are lying or telling the truth is unknown- Only the results are important. We know the names of the army at his command only through the Pariahs, who are much more vocal of the Wishmaster's intentions- Sometimes telling the inhabitants of a world hours beforehand of their impending doom, and the means by which they will be disposed. Any attempt to prepare for the invasion is wasted, as these are only half of the time true- Sometimes, when preparations are made, an entirely different force than expected arrives, as if they have anticipated our anticipation. Other times, we call the bluff, change nothing, and the force described arrives, much the defenders' (brief) dismay. Make no mistake; The Wishmaster and his armies are formidable foes, as adept at trickery as they are at warfare.
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The Dreamslayer (Imotekh)
The Wishmaster (Obyron)
The Wayfarer (Zandrekh)
The Mastermind (Trazyn)

Shadow Brigade- Warriors x22
Crimson Brigade- Immortals x10

The Wishers- "Pariahs" (Lychguard) x10, partially converted
The Enfleshed- Flayed Ones x10, 2 units, converted

Scarabs- Lots of them, enough to make four or so units.
Harbinger Brigade- Destroyers x5, 4 units, with heavy destroyers


Monolith x3-
The Unrelenting Sorrow
The Unyielding Anguish
The Uncaring Despair
Spaceborne Sciences Guild- Tomb Spyder x3
Annihilation Barge
Doomsday Ark

The Harvestman- Homebrew Tomb Stalker
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Iron Angel's Avatar
04/09/2012 10:51
Milliput for the energy, and the warscythe arm from a CCB lord.
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falcoso's Avatar
04/08/2012 17:36
How did you do the crypetk' staff (the one with the swirly stuff around it)?
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Iron Angel's Avatar
04/05/2012 19:24
they are there I don't know what you are talking about seriously they have been there the whole entire time and were not just added
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hardluck57's Avatar
03/19/2012 17:08
Where are those pics?
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tslyle's Avatar
03/12/2012 13:29
Immortals now count as troops per new codex.
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Iron Angel's Avatar
03/10/2012 22:51
By your command!
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Skari's Avatar
02/15/2012 22:46
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Iron Angel's Avatar
02/10/2012 19:27
I'm gonna have to, obviously, at least replace rules and names. My pariahs, I love them so much, the models are staying, but I may have to turn them into a "counts as" unit for something else...
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 05:56
How much of your list do you think you will replace with the new models? Or will you just add to it?
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