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Har Decher Tomb Kings Warhammer 500
» Har Decher
I has have just started out in WHFB.
My LFGS don't have that many 40k players and they have started a "beginners " turnament for people who want to start a new army. So i joined rank.I have four games under the belt now and injoing it immensely .
I bought the Battalion Box for startes as it's a good deal. But the Liche Priest in Finecast didn't appeal to my so i kitbashed one out of some flagellant bits. And i am working on the next 500 points installment to ready in 4 weeks.

And the track record for now; 3 wins 1 loss. All battleline scenario.
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1 Liche Priest level 2, channeling staff
32 Skeleton Warriers Spear, light armour, standard bearer
3 Chariots, standard

497 points
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