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Bretonnia Bretonnia Warhammer -
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My collection:

1 king of bretonnia on hippogryph
2 paladins/lords mounted
1 paladin on foot
1 paladin mounted BSB
1 prophetess mounted
1 damsel on foot

48 men at arms
50 peasant bowmen
12 knights of the realm
12 knights errant

3 pegasus knights
5 mounted yeomen

1 trebuchet
9 grail knights
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I bought some grail knights many years ago that I intended to convert into black knights but never got around to it. When I was picking the hobby back up I decided to start a Bretonnian army. So here it is. Not to big yet but I like it so far.
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09/02/2011 02:52
Awesome start. Men-at-arms are awesome if used correctly to support your KOTR.
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