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Vampire Counts Vampire Counts Warhammer -
» Vampire Counts
My collection:

5 vampires on foot
1 vampire mounted on a converted zombie dragon
5 mountable vampires with no mounts
1 wight lord on foot BSB
2 wight lords on foot
1 wight lord on skeletal steed
1 mountable wight lord with no mount
3 necromancers on foot
1 necromancer on nightmare

115 skeletons
90 ghouls
5 direwolves
32 zombies

3 spirit hosts
14 black knights
34 grave guard

1 varghulf
1 banshee
12 wraiths
1 black coach
1 terrorgeist
5 blood knights
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I started collecting warhammer Undead back in 94. My army has grown with every expansion sticking with the Vampire Counts line. I was a fan of the Blood Dragon bloodline so most of my miniatures are armored/martial versions of the troops available in the codex.
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