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Waaaaaagghhh Grimzag Orks Warhammer 40k Apocalypse 5000
» Waaaaaagghhh Grimzag
Index Astartes: Waaagh Grimzag
A summerised view of the type of threat that the warbands of Grimzag "Spleentear" Gorwazza represent. Written from the point of view of the Inquisition it is not a complete representation. Only the orks know the whole story.

Twin Linked
This is a story I wrote from the point of view of Grimzag. It was written to explain how the style of command and the appearance of the warboss changed from one extreme to the other. The army that appears below were all painted and or converted after this story was written.
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Waaaggghh Grimzag has slowly evolved after my first ork speed freek army was retired on grounds of crap paint job.
As such i've kept the same warboss to lead them and Grimzag Gorwazza's screamin' Deffbringas are prooving to be a much more flexible force then Da Blud Skidz ever were.
The limits of creating a fluffy speed freek army has meant that i've expanded my boys across several tribes since this army completed. The combined forces of The Screaming Deffbringas, Snachas Lootas, Furst Platune, Da Bloo Skorpyuns and Moonstarz inc are now collectively known as Waaaagh Grimzag.
There are units which experianced players will undoubtedly dismis as being either useless or illegal due to my gaming groups' preference for mixing game systems. As such, many of my armies contain units from several editions and are purposely as mixed as i can make them.
» History/Fluff
Waaaagh Grimzag 04,08,13 (that's the fourth of August to all you Statesiders out there)

The whole army roaring across the battlefield

The ork Right Flank

The ork Left Flank

The Centre of the line

Ork Scrapyard encampment

A closer look
Over in the back of the scrapyard "Happy" the Stompa, big mek Moonstar and the deff dredds "Junka" (Megablasters) and "Krumpa" (Rockets) prepare to go in as part of the second wave. Not the fastest members of the army but certainly one of the hardest hitting.

Not willing to let the enemy have an easy shot if the unthinkable happens and the assault goea badly, the mekboys Razmek Bladstruk and Spannymek have set up their Shokk attack guns on the hill to lend frenzie snotling support where they can.

In the Centre of the defensive line Weirdboy Phlash explains the need for collecting up the blue lorelei crystals they have found to Zodgrod. Fuggin Nailz, the other runtherd, is trying to keep the grots together so that they can do most of the heavy lifting. All the while the Weird Wagon keeps the little gathering covered with its immense double boomgun turret.

If two shokk attack guns wasn't enough, the lootas have set up their Deffguns and looted hidrah platform to overwatch the entrance to the camp and the distracted grots.

It's a race to be the first into the fight on the right flank, Glag's Kobras are streaming out through a breach in the camp's fences whilst Da Funda buggies are weaving between the scrap piles to beat them to it.

Neither of them stands much chance in getting into the fight before the feared "Thogric's Tuffnutz" in their trukk (left), closely supported by "Blasta's blastas"(right).

"Badklaw's Bodgers" were meant to be joining their fellow speedfreaks in the assault but it seems that instead Badklaw has decided to check the tires on his Trukk, allowing his mob to degenerate into a brawl.

Fortunately some of the "Blak Deff" tanker squadron have decided to lend some support to the advancing mobs. In the centre (from back to front) "Old Boy", "L-337" and "Stinger" have brought their boom guns to bear in the enemy's direction.

The tanker squadron's superheavy tank and three of its other boomgun wagons have set up as a makeshift artillery section(from left to right Da Red Skul, Da Piper, Dredd Baron and Fighting 69th). Kroffs Boars are forming a protective infantry group whilst Enjinseer Arrison is working out some kinks in the engine of "Dredd Baron"

The ork left flank is where the main push is coming from, towards the centre Ug directs his weasels to get close using the ruined pillbox, whilst Big Chief Sittinfunni leads the charge.

With their right flank anchored by the advancing ferals, warboss Grimzag and his bodyguard fo nobs, accompanied by big mek Whirlygit, advance . Supported by the battlewagon "Big Red" and the rest of Da Blak Deff tankers (from front to back Sir Booma, Rollin' Funda and Da Wizod).

On the Ork's far left Faak discusses with the senior members of his mob, the beasts, how they should go about holding the flank solid. All the while Nob Grokfog holds back in case an opportunity to speed around the flank of the enemy army arises.

» Modelling and Conversion Information
Current Army
Da Screamin deffbringas

Warboss Grimzag Gorwazza
Big mek whirlygit
Weirdboys Phlash
Weirdboy Aaaaaarrrnnnngggg
Big Mek Razmek Bladstruck AkA: "Old squigbrain"
Big Mek Spannymek
Tuffdreg's boys in truck (12)
Badklaw's boys in truck (12)
Grokfog's boys in truck (12)
Blastaz boys in truck (12)
Sarge's boys in truck (12)
1 warbuggy unit "da funda"
1 battlewagon "Big red"
Da weirdwagon

Apocalypse formation: Tanka Mob
Da Blak Deff
Kill krusha "Fightin' 69th"
Looted wagon "Piper"
Looted wagon "Rollin Funda"
Looted wagon "Da Red Skull"
Looted wagon "Da Wizod"
Looted wagon “Dred Baron”
Looted wagon “Stinger”
Looted wagon “L-337”
Looted wagon “Old Boy”
Looted wagon “Sir Booma”

Warboss Snachaz Lootas
Enginseer Arrison
(1 partial lootaboy unit)
1 hydra flakk kannon "Sumfin Borrowed"
Blast Bommer "Gross Miss Konduct"

The Blue Scorpion tribe

Big Chief Sittinfunni
Ug's Boys
Kroff's boys
Faak's boys
Glag's boys
Fudd's boys
(1 nearly completed grot unit)

Moonstarz inc

Big Mek Moonstar
1 mekboy stompa "Happy"
1 deff dredd “Junka”
1 deff dredd “Krumpa”

Coming soon
Screamin' Deffbringas
Noggin's boys in truck (12)
3 Rocket buggies
3 Scorchas

Snacha's Lootas
4 remaining loota's in looted wagon
6 looted dakkajets/burnabombers/etc
2 Blaster bommers
3 mid range ork bommers
Looted superheavy tank

The Blue Scorpion Tribe

Warboss Danceslikegerlz
Boys so much reorganising and moving troops from one squad to another...this is a mess that i'll fix later

Moonstarz Inc
Shark Stompa
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Army Shots


» Thought's a good un
Whilst a lot of my work is still on the workbench there are some things which i'll list here as mere concepts, i'll keep them short and sweet. Whilst there's a chance i'll build these, it's also possible that they'll never see the light of day.

1: Ork airfield terrain for all of the planes that i'm building in the next year or so.
2: Unit of parade ground loota's dressed up like napoleonic soldiers.
3: Unit of Loota Ardboys wearing space marine armour.
4:Unit of loota meganobs wearing terminator suits.
5: Looted dreads from hollowed out carnifexs and killa kans from tau battlesuits/sentinels/eldar warwalkers
6:The Hindenbork: Massive ork airship..i mean huge. Complete with a landing runway on top for fighter craft.
7: Ork commandos dressed as ninjas.
8:Ork Morkanought/gorkanought based on FW stone idol.
9:Feral stompa/digga stompa using siege towers.
10:Imperial guard allies using Digganob digga models.
» Related links
Other links
Here is where i will post links to any information or events that involve Waaaagh Grimzag.

My Project log

The biggest game which Grimzags orks have taken part in a 15,000 point apocalypse game where they were allied with the Doom Wing Rebel space marines and Doom Serpent Chaos marines to fight off a huge imperial force.

A video battle report can be found here

For the Apocalypse game the orks were controlled by my brother who enjoyed the experiance so much that he has himself turned green and renamed himself Warboss Honka.

Since then they have once again seen a large scale battle, this time at justover 10k per side.
There's no battle report but the pictures of it can be found here I also wrote up some short stories from the point of view of the most senior survivors in each army, they can be found here
» Comments
Moriouce's Avatar
08/06/2013 06:30
All the use of old toys is great! Not a trukk looking the same. Awesome stuff all around!
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Boc's Avatar
12/06/2012 14:38
Great showcase, Grim. Good paintjobs, great background, all around awesome. Needs more cowbell, though
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CPT Killjoy's Avatar
03/06/2012 21:25
Now that is an ork army! And that Stompa is killer.
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Skari's Avatar
03/05/2012 16:34
A great looking ork army there!

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GrimzagGorwazza's Avatar
11/26/2011 16:02
Duley noted Honka, i've modified the text and i'll probabley update the pictures soon to include the newly completed ork flakk gun.
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Ring Master "Honka"'s Avatar
11/25/2011 05:22
this has been a good read.
however you need to update some of the text as i know that happy has been fielded and the apocolypse battle has happened.

Tuffdreg iz nails WAAAAGH
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LukeValantine's Avatar
10/04/2011 21:29
Good work on that one orc with the guitar it takes me back tot he days of 2-3edd.
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GrimzagGorwazza's Avatar
09/06/2011 13:56
Thanks for the comments folks, i may be coming back to the boys in the next few months now that i'm putting my chaos marines on hold.
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jaysen's Avatar
08/29/2011 22:18
Man, why can't the Ork players in my area have armies that are this cool?
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/22/2011 22:09
great army love the stompa
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/16/2011 15:49
absoulutley stunning keep up the good work
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